Work Rights For Student Visa 500 Holders


Student visas are designed specifically to enable international students to study in Australia.

Through student visa, a student is granted to pursue studies in the following sectors –

  1. Higher Education
  2. Research Studies
  3. Vocational Education
  4. English Language Courses
  5. Foundation Studies
  6. School Studies

From June 2017, all student visas are being issued under Subclass 500. Older student visas, however, were issued under subclasses 570, 571, 572, 573, 574 and 575. 

Duration of a Student Visa 500.

A student visa 500 is usually valid for the duration of the student’s studies in Australia. Students will generally be able to arrive in Australia a few months before their studies begin, and live in Australia for a few months after completion of their studies.

For example, if a student finishes their course in December, the student visa is usually valid until March the next year.

Requirements for Student Visa 500

  • You should be enrolled in a full-time registered course of study;
  • You must satisfy the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements for the student visas;
  • Unless exempt, you should be able to provide evidence of your English proficiency;
  • You can show evidence that you have genuine access to funds which can cover your transit to, your stay and your study while you stay in Australia;
  • You should hold appropriate Overseas Student Health Cover; and
  • You must satisfy health and character requirements.

Work Rights on a Student Visa 500 – Primary (Main) Visa Holder

Much of the time, the main student visa holder are liable to condition 8105. This condition enables the student to work for 40 hours for every fortnight during the semester, and full time in semester break. 

It is just when the student initiates work that they are permitted to work. 

After fulfillment of studies, the student can work full time. The situation is the same in the middle of semesters.

However, if the student is pursuing a Masters by Research or a Ph.D., they can work boundless hours.

Work Rights on a Student Visa 500 – Secondary (Dependent) Visa Holder

Life partners and children of students can for the most part work for 40 hours each fortnight. The work rights for secondary visa holders become effective when the primary students initiate studies. The dependent can just work 40 hours each fortnight – regardless of whether it is during the semester or during semester break. 

On the off chance that the student is pursuing a Masters or Ph.D., dependent can work all day.

Work Rights for students keep changing and we recommend that students regularly check their working rights, especially before employment or when the student visa is granted. If you want to apply for student visa 500, then I would suggest Immigration Agent Perth. Immigration Agent Perth is the best migration agent in Perth who make the whole process of applying for the visa very easy and hassle-free. The quality of consultation they provide is sub-par and their rates are also very affordable.


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