Will your business grow while going paperless?

imageHow much paper from your office passes to another offices?Are you doing the manual work on paper?Are you in a habitation of printing and filing the important documents?Is your business going manually,making the bills on paper without using cloud accounting software?Are you in habit of printing the documents and reports and edit it with your pen?If your answer is yes to the above question then you are also in the category of people who use more than 800 pounds of paper every year.

More small businesses inclined towards the paperless work.New technology helps us to convert the files into the digital format in an organised way. But is it right to for paperless?So in this article we will going to see the pros and cons of paperless offices which helps you to decide if going with paperless really grow your business.

Pros of paperless offices:

  1. Eco-friendly:-If the business go for paperless then it saves thousand of forest because average firm uses more than 10000 pieces of paper every year which is almost 20 reams or equivalent to a small tree.The benefits to go for paperless may saves the cost and space(lot of space is required to carry bunches if paper). Going paperless is an environmentally conscious decision.


  1. Saves money:-Benefits of having a paperless office saves your money,roughly think how much money we spend every month on paper,ink,postage and other things which made the office paper-heavy and if we talk about the space then a lot more space is required to handle the bunches of paper and files.Going paperless actually saves the saving of the business.
  2. Easy access:-Being paperless helps you to convert the documents in digital format.You can also take the backup of the documents to the cloud and access them through a remote desktop application.You can also generates the bills by using the softwares like GST software, invoicing software, E-way bill etc which can be easily accessible from mobile app with the help of internet


  1. Security:-Storing the files on clouds keeps the confidential files and documents secured,these files are protected because it can’t be accessed with the permission of holder of the files and is also protected with the password.Digital files are also not on risk position,it can’t be lost due to theft or by fire.These files are also transferred easily to other by using the online transferring options like E-mail and other online sharing sites.

Cons of paperless offices:

  1. Failure of system:-The system failure is the greatest limitation of paperless offices because all the crucial files and documents are kept safe on computer system and if the system crashes all the hard work for keeping the documents safe completely ruined.So it is necessary to have a backup point to secured the files.
  2. Time consuming:-Going paperless is not an overnight process, complete research is necessary for it.On the other hand training should be provided to the operational management to change the process and ways of working because the employees are not friendly with doing the work by using the electronic gadgets and tools.All this process is time consuming.


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