Why is it beneficial to learn tableau?

In business intelligence, Tableau has emerged out as one of the hottest technology in the year 2019. This efficient data visualization tool has gained a lot of popularity. Most of the big MNCs and mid-sized companies have started using the tool for working on their data. This is why the careers are blooming highly in tableau. According to the latest trends in the usage of tableau in the market, it is advisable to start learning Tableau and build a career in the relevant field.

Still looking for more reasons so as to why start with tableau? Let us give you some:

  1. Lucrative careers in top-level MNCs

If you will go through the job openings that are currently available in the market for tableau, you will get to know the list of companies looking for the tableau professionals. Some of the major companies that work with tableau and are always looking forward to the expert tableau professionals include Dell, Facebook, Booz Allen Hamilton, Applied Systems, Groupon, NetJets, Sonly Electronics, University of California, Sunguard, General Motors, KPMG, Bank of America and Verizon, etc. This list is still not limited to above-mentioned companies, there are many more on the list. So if you are looking forward to work in these big brands then taking up the career in the tableau is a good step.

  • Rewarding careers with excellent pay scale in Tableau

With the increase in demand for expert tableau professionals, there is huge appreciation on the career of an employee. According to the latest reports, a tableau developer earns an average of $ 108,697 per annum. This is the salary for the fresher and for the experienced candidates, the sky is the limit. With the increase in your skills and experience, this number is going to increase up.

  •  High demand for the professionals excelling in tableau

It is for sure that by the year 2020, the data is going to get generated by 50 times of the data present today in the market. This has also been confirmed by the studies led by International Data Corporation. With so much data in bulk, industries are definitely going to look forward to the effective and powerful tool like tableau that will provide ease in data analysis and to bring out useful insights from it. Hence tableau is going to become more and more popular worldwide. With an increase in demand for the need of tableau professionals, the jobs will also grow significantly in the market.

  • Attractive job roles

The best part of pursuing a career in Tableau is that there are limitless job roles available in the industry. Almost all the sectors including banking, finance, health care, automobile, and e-commerce, etc are hiring the tableau professionals. Although the positions differ based on the companies and roles hired for, some of the major titles available in the industry are:

  • Business analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Data architect
  • Tableau developer
  • Tableau consultant
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Business intelligence manager
  • Bright future in tableau

In the world of business intelligence and data visualization, the tableau is known as the leader by the research done by Gartner. With respect to other tools and competitors, it still leads at the topmost position. With respect to the ability of execution and vision completeness, the tableau is the master of all. This tells that tableau’s future is completely secure and bright as well.

These reasons clearly tell that learning tableau is always a superb choice. In order to stand out of the crowd, you can go for tableau certification which will provide you self confidence to work independently in the market. You can complete the certification after doing the tableau training. Nowadays, there are many resources available in order to complete the training. This will help you to enhance your learning and make you a skilled tableau professional.

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