Who Else Wants a Flexible and Budget-friendly Home Extension?


A spacious and conducive home is the dream of everyone – that is enough to cater for the needs of most homeowners regardless of age. However, elders tend to get more sensitive and clumsier as time passes by. 

Elders’ guardians must place their commodities and needs near them as much as possible. That’s why most families who are living with elders opt to build a granny flat for them.

In choosing the right granny flat builder, you must consider the design and observe your elders’ current state. For example, will they freely move around with the amount of space you allotted? Also, you must ensure that there’s enough access from the granny flat to the main house, for more security.

What are granny flats? Are they only designed specifically for elders?

Not necessarily, a granny flat builder perceives granny flats as a standard house that is somehow connected to the main house. 


It is a two-bedroom house that is enough to cater to 1-2 persons. It is a self-contained unit equipped with basic house features such as kitchen, living room and bedroom. So it is basically like a two-bedroom apartment – but the only difference is it has access to the main house.

What is the purpose of a granny flat? Its main goal is to have a separate but not so far away spacious place for elders. People who are ageing can be sensitive to many things and will have difficulties moving around the house, especially if you have multiple floors. So, secluding them and providing them with a space of their own is the families’ way of giving them comfort. 

How can you choose the best builder for your granny flat?

Many potential good builders can help you out – but who among them can you fully trust to deliver what you specifically need? Here are some tips.

  • Offers flexible quotation

Quotations may be done virtually to their websites if they have one, considering all your specifications and customisations on the house – such as floor plan, number of bedrooms and types of materials you want to be used. In addition, an efficient quotation process eases up the process of negotiations and budgeting for both parties.


  • Good payment options

Some builders would offer a 100% money back guarantee if the finished products didn’t meet your expectations. Aside from this, it would be best if you also looked at how much they require for the down payment – and it is also important that they provide an updated progress report now and then.

  • Reasonable timetable

Once they have seen the plan, builders will estimate the timetable of the whole building process – on the estimate, most builders finish a granny flat within 12 weeks or even earlier.

  • Provides legal documentation and building permits

Granny flats are allowed in most states but have limitations, and you must secure some documents before starting the construction. So, they must be the ones helping you out in securing these kinds of documents. If you want to know more about this, you can check it here.

Let the elders live at ease in their own space

Everyone would eventually face ageing, and having your personal space when you get older without the feeling of being abandoned is a peaceful way for you to spend your older years. Peaceful, quiet and in your phase. Get a quotation now! 


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