What Would it Be Like to Have a Honeymoon in Singapore And Bali

People usually prefer holidays by going to beaches and places where they find peace and avoid places packed with tourists and localities. And when it comes to honeymoon couples, they love holiday destinations where they can spend alone time with significantly less crowd and peaceful environment. Due to this reason romantic couples prefer holidays on beaches, but what if you add a little spark to it? However, the combination of Singapore with Bali as a honeymoon in Singapore is perfect for newly wedded couples to give them a romantic yet fun getaway.

Singapore is a top-visited holiday destination as it has the best tourist attractions fun activities to do with your partner. Places like Garden by the Bay and S.E.A Aquarium excites people the most. While, on the other hand, Bali is an exotic destination ideal for married couples to spend some romantic time with each other. The place has peaceful beaches, lavish hotels, water sports, and a lot more.

Combined, Bali and Singapore make a perfect combination for honeymoon

couples to spend a romantic getaway. If you are also looking for a beautiful getaway with your partner, spend your Singapore Bali honeymoon with special holiday packages by Roaming Routes.

Places to visit in Singapore and Bali for Honeymoon in Singapore

The island city of Singapore is a true example of a destination that has both man- made and natural attractions. For example, from sci-fi architecture to peaceful beaches, billion-dollar gardens, to giant skyscrapers, the place has everything.


  • Sentosa Island


Sentosa Island is one of the most happening places to visit in Singapore for couples to visit. It has long beaches, parks and other attractions that make it perfect for a honeymoon. Spend a relaxed morning on the white sand or go for a long walk on Siloso beach choice is all yours.

Further, you can pay a visit to Butterfly park or Insect kingdom if you have spare time as well. Or you can book an appointment at the luxurious Spa Botanica to surprise your better half.


  • The Botanic Gardens


Spend a lovely evening walking through the lush green gardens and virgin rainforest in the evening at Botanic Garden. The place has long, beautiful orchid gardens with around 2000 orchids all over the place. The beautiful aroma of orchids and in between a gorgeous restaurant sets a perfect example of a romantic evening with your partner.


  • Singapore Flyer


NIghts are always lovely and magnificent in Singapore that you can witness by visiting the famous Singapore flyer at night. Especially popular for honeymoon couples, this place is perfect for a romantic dinner night with a view of the entire city. Located at an exhilarating height, it gives amazing views of the city. Sip a glass of champagne and click some pictures to cherish the moment.

Opening time: 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM


  • Crystal Beach if you are In Bali


When it comes to romantic vacations, how can we miss long exotic beaches? Crystal Beach is a magnificent tropical place perfect for couples who want to spend some time in the lap of nature by adoring its beauty. Enjoy beach time in the grey sand and glittery blue water with grand hills in the background.

You can book the best honeymoon resort in Bali to make your visit royal.


  • Waterbom Bali


Waterbom is an exceptional water park in Bali that couples add to their journey to get some entertainment and fun. Above all, if you like water sports, fast rides and other fun activities to be added to your vacation, Waterbom is the place for it.

Things to do on your Honeymoon in Singapore and Bali

A city with maximum tourists throughout the year has various things that a couple can add to their to-do list. On the other hand, Bali has some fantastic water sports that excite visitors the most.

Here are the top things to do in Singapore and Bali during your vacation:

  1. Firstly, you can pay a visit to Universal Studios in Singapore- a fun and adventure park where you can enjoy sports, enjoy good food and adore vibrant art and architecture.
  2. If you like marine animals, pay a visit to one of the world’s largest museums- the S.E.A Museum, with over 100,000 marine animals.
  3. If you like adventure, go for a trek on Mount Batur to get some mind-blowing and magical views to capture for a lifetime. Mount Batur is a popular and adventurous place located on the top of an active volcano and perfect for trekking.
  4. Nature lovers can go and explore the beautiful Tegenungan waterfall. Situated in the middle of Ubud and Denpasar, it is a magical place to spend some alone time with your partner.

Best time to visit

Generally, a couple can visit the beautiful city and island any time of the year for their honeymoon. But if you want to make the best on your vacation we recommend the months between April to October.

Singapore is a city that can be visited throughout the year, but Bali is most enjoyed in the dry season.

My Travel experience

“When I went for my Bali and Singapore holiday, I visited famous attractions like Garden by the Bay, Sentosa Island and of course the Universal Studio.

I experienced all the exciting and adventurous sports on Sentosa Island and spent some peaceful time on the tranquil beaches of Bali. Amazing seafood, thrilling water sports and long beach walks was cherry on top.”


Singapore and Bali, when combined together, form quite a set that tourists, especially honeymoon couples, love to visit. It has unique attractions, delicious food, fun sports and exotic beaches. In short, everything that a couple wants in their honeymoon vacation.

If you are looking for your dream honeymoon getaway, book Singapore packages by Roaming Routes at affordable prices now.

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