What type of questions can you face in a UPSC Interview?

UPSC is one of the leading examinations which also acts as the gateway to crack IAS examination. After completing the written test, an interview session can take place where candidates have to face interviews and they test the ability of the applicant. This is denoted as the final step to get selected as an IAS officer. As mentioned, it is the last step of examination, there are several tricky questions you can face. All the questions will appear in regular conversation within you and examiners. We have prepared various types of questions that you can face while proceeding for a UPSC interview.


1.Science and Technology related questions

First of all, you can be asked for several science and technology-related questions. Firstly, you can be asked several questions that are related to science and technology. Most of them will become a tricky one and you need to answer them according to your sense of humor.  Vajiraoinstitute.com is the site that has useful information about interview tips and tricks.

UPSC interview questions

2. IQ based questions to give answer smartly

Some tricky questions will be asked to you, which you need to answer with the help of your common sense. For example, you can be asked what happened after the end of the year 1964? the answer to the question will be, the year 1965 was started after the end of the year 1964. This is an example of tricky questions that you can receive while appearing for the interview session.

3. Checking mental alertness

And another type of question that can be asked to you, that will also help the examiners to detect the mental ability of yours. These kinds of questions included some calculations. So, before answering the questions, you need to identify the question once. While you will be able to detect questions properly using mental alertness, you will be able to answer all the questions also.

4. Thought process of the candidate

In order to detect the thought process of a candidate. The thinking ability is another factor that an IAS officer should have. So, in most cases, you can also face some tricky questions in the interview session, where your thought process will be judged. For example, if the interviewer asked you. You were kept in a room for 4 days. On the 5 days, you got a key and opened two doors. In front of the first door, you saw a lion, hungry for 2 years and the next door was locked with fire, which door will you use? The answer is the lion should have died after staying hungry for 2 years so it will be safe for me to take that door. So, these are the types of questions that you can be asked in the interview session.

I hope you would like the guide and type of question answers you can be asked while appearing for the interview procedure. In case you are preparing for the interview of the UPSC, remember, you have to be tricky enough to catch the actual answer to the question. At the time, when you will appear for the interview, don’t overthink. The questions will be easy, you just have to be tricky to identify the answers.

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