What is the side effect of Technology?

 Do you know what is the side effect of Technology?  if you don’t know I tell you that side effect of Technology that’s bad effect on our health and everybody wants that our good health... So that I give you various tips that help you can your good health. As you know today, email, I phones, laptop and self-phone connected our life that anywhere you can connect the Technology. Technology is a type of bad and good. Some people do the workings of the working of technology and some do not follow the rules of technology. This is true for people who follow the rules of technology. And those who do not follow technology, those feet have a bad effect. I discuss various tips below side effect of Technology.


  1. Cell Phone Use:-

It is the first tips that very harmful our health.According to the national cancel Institute, Mobile phone risk of brain cancer.More ever, mobile phone involved in accidents that increased the Accidents.

  1. Poor sleeping habits:-

It is the second tips that increase the poor sleeping. As you some people like the night conversation by the laptop and self-phone at the bed that time sleeping that’s time. That effect on our mind, it is state of mental. It is very difficult to turn off our brains.

  1. Development issues:-

As you know today’s respective to the Age group, using the Technology. When it comes to the cognitive development of children. And the negative effect that technology far greater.

  1. Back and Neck pain:-

As you know overuse the mobile phone and computer which our back and neck feel the pain. That very harmful our health. So that it is essential to limit yourself.

  1. Strain on the eyes:-

Some people maximum time spend on the laptop or computer and self-phone that screen effect on the eyes which our eyes including the burning sensations or blurred vision.As you know the Eyes is on.

  1. Lack of privacy:-

As you know you can create the profile on the social site such as Facebook, WATS App, Twitter, Tumbler etc. But you know that our id is safe but some people used the fishing technology and hacking which help the people reached your id, and used your id. It is the bad effect of the technology.

  1. Obesity risk:-

Some people use sat-sitting technology, which increases their fatness, which is very bad for their body. It is not okay to sit continuously. Having more sleeping affects your health foot, which is harmful to the future.

  1. Stress:-

As you know continuously working, the stress increases significantly so that we do not do any other work. As you know, some people are tired of using the technology continuously, even if they have to do some other work. So do the least work.

  1. Pollution:-

As you know, new people using new technology have been trying to outdo the pollution, which is not able to get the carbon dioxide properly from the tree plant, which has a very bad effect on our health foot.

  1. Addiction:-

Addiction is a disease that occurs in every people. When some technology sounds are heard, some people reach it immediately. Which is not good for our health Or your phone is kept away and it’s ringing and you’re busy with some work, even if it’s a phone that’s important.

  1. Increased bullying:-

As you know, how many outbreaks of bad guys have increased in this world. People are scared of coming out of their homes, all this has happened online. Online is scared by talking which is the only effect of a technology. By which people start killing themselves. As you know, we can do anything online.

  1. change the way children feel:-

As you know, children’s education foot has a very bad effect on technology. With this, the child is less than the number of students in the school. The mind of the kidneys is only in technology, such as playing games or watching movies, in this way, the power to fall in the children is done. And they use their time in technology.

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