What is the latest technology in washing machine?

The Indian washing machine segment is expected to maintain an impressive CAGR of 3.7% to 2026, reaching overall values of around $1698 million. Recent technological advances are partly responsible for this impressive trajectory of this particular market.

From LG’s latest semi-automatic options to a fully automatic Whirlpool washing machine, the latest line-up of efficient washing machines are not just capable of cleaning sheets and garments from dirt, grime and stains but are smart enough to also keep them soft and fresh after every wash.

Some of the latest technologies used in modern washing machines are:

1. Flex wash and twin wash –Flex wash is one of the most interesting washing machine technologiesat present. It incorporates both front and top loading facilities in the same machine.

Twin wash is a similar facility, except there are two separate drums for washing. There is a massive 20kg capacity one, which is used for more soiled clothes. For heavy washing, a smaller drum can handle washing delicate clothing like scarves, handkerchiefs etc.

2. Eco-bubble and O2 wash –This tech harnesses the power of bubbles by inflating detergent particles into bubbles and using that to penetrate deep into the fabric, removing stubborn dirt particles.

This provides fine cleaning without damaging the garments and works just as well with cold water.

3. 6 Motion (Direct Driven) DD and Wave motion –Some premium washing machines have a 6 wash motion system of washing to provide efficient, thorough cleaning. The 6 direct driven wash motions are:

● Tumble
● Stepping
● Scrubbing
● Swing
● Rolling
● Filtration

4. Foam control system –This tech automatically senses the excess foam formation and releases a diluter to dissolve excess foam.

5. Improved drum technology

The 4 main categories of washing machines are:

1. The traditional top-loading washing machine –These are washing machines where users have to use a top hatch to put the dirty laundry inside. Generally, these options can cause increased wear and tear in your clothes. Nevertheless, advanced top loading options, such as a Whirlpool washing machine can reduce

2. Front Loading washing machine – The clothes are loaded from a small hatch ion the front. Such machines are easier on fabric, maximising their lifespan.

3. Fully automatic washing machine – Individuals only need to add the dirty load anddetergent in the machine, besides starting the wash cycle. The entire process is completed automated, requiring no manual input.

4. Semi-automatic washing machine –In case of semi-automatic washing machines,users need to constantly monitor the cycle. They would also need to manually transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer.Still, opting for such machines from reputed brands like a Whirlpool washing machine can reduce hassle.

Grand and luxurious features in the most recent washing machine launches are definitely something most households would want for themselves.

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