What is Naturopathy?

What it is

You’ve probably heard about the up and coming nutritionists and nutrition-based health practitioners all around the world. Some may call it a trend, but in fact people are simply becoming more aware of the fact that modern ways of healing aren’t as ‘healthy’ as modern health practitioners claim to be.


Naturopathy is tightly linked to nutrition based therapy, but it would be more accurate to say that the latter is just a small segment of the former. Naturopathy includes numerous natural, traditional healing practices like Homeopathy, acupuncture, Colon Hydrotherapy, and such.


Even though Naturopathy in its current form can be characterized as a sub-category, or rather a branch of medicine based on nutrition, it dates all the way back to Hippocratic branch of Medicine some 400 before Christ.

The Hippocrates was among the first people that believed in natural modes of healing, which conflicted the healing methods of that age (which we today label as superstitions for the most part). So, in a nutshell, Naturopathy is tightly linked to the traditional healing principles and sets its foundation in them.

Main principles of Naturopathy

There are numerous principles that Naturopathy establishes itself upon, but we will mention only the most important ones.

First and foremost, the main principle is that everything our bodies need can be obtained from nature. There’s no need for artificial supplements, and in fact, most of them are actually pretty harmful by a long shot.

Secondly, Naturopathy excludes guesswork. It bases itself around pinpointing the actual cause (both physical and emotional are equally relevant) and treating it at its core.

Thirdly, Naturopathy prohibits harmful healing methods. Some of the traditional healing methods included various painful tools and feats, and there’s no place for such in Naturopathy.

Lastly, better to prevent it than to cure it. This is, perhaps, the most important principle of what Naturopathy is. Every harmful and toxic strain or cell will inevitably lead to the disease spreading at an accelerated rate. Naturopathy believes that preventing the toxic materials and substances from even entering our bodies is the best course of action.

Challenges of Naturopathy

Believe it or not, a huge effort was invested by pharmaceutical companies and modern healing institutions to suppress Naturopathy and all of its branches. The logic behind such an effort is very simple – if people are able to get ‘cured’ by traditional means, that would result in modern healing institutions going out of business.

One of the biggest challenges (among others) Naturopathy deals with is making people understand that it’s there for them, not the other way around. People who doubt in the efficiency of Naturopathy will shun away from it, and as such will never get familiar with how it exactly works.

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