What is Bamboo Silica? Know About its Benefits

Bamboo Silica

Bamboo is a flexibly adaptable plant and one of the best options for reforestation. And the hunt for that one beauty-enhancing ingredient with optimum benefits ends with none other than bamboo silica. The countless benefits of bamboo are no longer a secret, and hence, most of the trending beauty products have bamboo extracts.

And if that is not all, then one might be enlightened to know that the only plant growing on the surface of the earth with the highest concentration of silica is ten times more than in horsetail.

Benefits to our body

  • Bone Health

It is very beneficial for our bones because of calcium. Improving bone density and flexibility strengthens the bones of our body. Silica also potentially increases the body’s boron, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium. These are the elements that are essential for the development of healthy bones. Even though research is still going on, it is said that silica has the power to help remineralize calcium into bones.

Intensive research and study by the University of California also prove that the bones with an adequate amount of silica have twice the amount of collagen than the bone with low content of silica. And, the particular benefit of bamboo silica makes it the ideal supplement for individuals who are aging and want to maintain their bone health.

  • Increasing the overall flexibility of the bones

It is rich in collagen and elastin content. These are the two elements that are crucial for the flexibility of the bones.  The lower the content of silica in one’s body, the less flexible they are.

  • Potentially alleviates arthritis

As the overall health of the bones improves, one can feel reduced stiffness, due to arthritis. With arthritis, it is very difficult to continue one’s regular activities due to the immense pain in the bones. Consuming it regularly will improve overall bone health, increase flexibility in the bones, and alleviate arthritis.

  • Digestive system 

It is excellent for our digestive system as it supplements and regulates the proper functioning of the same. By improving digestion, it also reduces inflammation in the stomach.

Benefits of for our Brain

It strengthens the connective tissues around the spinal cord and the brain. It also protects the cognitive health of an individual. In animal studies, research proves that silica extracted from bamboo improves the memory performance of the animals.

Nothing can be as devastating as the onset of dementia or Alzheimers. Researchers and experts on dementia and Alzheimers hypothesize that due to the accumulation of aluminum in the tissues of the brain causes the onset of these diseases. The cognitive functioning of the brain decreases with the accumulation of aluminum. Silica converts the aluminum in the bloodstream into a soluble compound which does not enter the bloodstream.

Instead, it passes through the body during urination. Consuming silica extract from bamboo is potentially beneficial in removing the accumulation of aluminum from the bloodstream, and one can incorporate the supplementation of bamboo silica in their wellness routine for long term health and brain benefits.

Benefits for our skin

Our body cannot produce enough collagen with sufficient levels of silica. And as we age the collagen levels of our body continue to deteriorate with decreasing levels of silica. An increase in collagen production in our body had a ripple effect throughout our body.

  • Glowing skin

Silica is the vital mineral that strengthens the blood vessels. The increase in collagen production in our body makes our skin glow. Silica improves the blood circulation of our scalp and skin due to the by-products of the same.

  • Improved skin elasticity 

Apart from playing a quintessential role in the formation of collagen, silica is also responsible for the activity of hydroxylation enzymes. The hydroxylation enzymes synthesize collagen and improve the elasticity of the skin while strengthening the same. Hence healthy collagen production will give one firmer and tighter skin.

  • Strengthening of the skin’s protective barrier

The protective barrier of our skin protects us from the everyday harmful pollution in the air and the harsh environmental conditions. It strengthens the skin, which leads to the strengthening of the skin’s protective barrier.

  • The acne-fighting super ingredient

As it strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, our skin is less vulnerable to inflammations and breakouts. The anti-inflammatory properties in the leave of the bamboo also help in keeping the skin calm. And as bamboo silica protects the skin from irritation and inflammation, it also helps in managing the breakouts which are due to excess sebum and toxins.

  • Locking in enough moisture in our skin 

As the protective barrier strengthens due to bamboo silica, it helps to seal in moisture into the skin. It helps in synthesizing Glycosaminoglycan (GAGs) which in turn helps in the prevention of the loss of moisture from our skin. Thus, silica helps to transform our skin healthy, supple, and radiant. It also stimulates the formation of hyaluronic acid, naturally.

  • Protection of our skin from oxidative stress 

The imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals in our body leads to oxidative stress. One of the major causes of premature aging and the formation of wrinkles is due to the oxidation of the skin.  Hence consumption of antioxidants is mandatory to prevent wrinkles and early aging of the skin.

  • Acts as a protective shield against the harmful UV rays of the sun  

Research also proves that Silica is beneficial in protecting our skin from harmful UV rays of the sun. Silica also reverses the signs of damage like premature aging and the formation of wrinkles, due to excessive sun exposure. And, as silica enhances the elasticity of our skin, it prevents and reduces the appearance of wrinkles while reversing the visible signs of aging.


It is one dietary supplement, every individual must include in their dietary routine, irrespective of their age, for the countless benefits.

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