What are the immense benefits of Digital Marketing over traditional marketing?

You can only spend your marketing budget once, so you want to invest in marketing forms that have the greatest chance of a good return. From this perspective, potential customers are regularly asked what the advantages of online marketing are compared to other forms of marketing. We not only discuss the benefits of online marketing, but we also tell you how you can increase the chances of online success.

SEO strategy

Your company operates in a highly competitive market. The website is not found well for important, general keywords. That’s why you set up an SEO strategy, focused on long-tail keywords. This can put your website in the top 3 in Google within 3 to 4 months.

With SEO (search engine optimization) the visibility of the website is improved, with the aim of generating more website visitors. This is often done with optimized blogs, articles and landing pages. In addition, there are quite a few technical issues that affect findability. Link building is also working in a better position in search engines.

Why is it important?

You can reach a large and, above all, specific target group through digital marketing. And especially that specific target group is important because this group consists of potential customers. You can therefore promote your services/products in a very targeted and efficient way through digital marketing.

Digital channels typically provide the ability to analyze traffic, reach, and various results. This provides insight into the effectiveness and the marketing strategy can be adjusted to improve results, which ensures maximum ROI.

Comparison of the advantages of digital marketing against traditional marketing

When we compare digital marketing with traditional marketing, there are a few big advantages of the digital variant.

·        You can target more specifically

When you start a television commercial, you have little influence on which people see this advertisement. With digital marketing, you can target very specifically. For example, you can select gender, age, place of residence, or even interests.

·        It is measurable

Back to the example of the television commercial. Based on the viewing figures of a certain program, you can estimate approximately how many people were watching television at the time your advertisement came on. But exact numbers? Difficult. With digital marketing, you can measure the exact numbers. Think of the number of clicks, conversions, and shares.

·        Big budget is not necessary

No big budget? Then you can forget about advertising during primetime. Digital marketing also offers great opportunities for companies with a small budget. Think of a smart SEO strategy, with which you can rank higher in the organic (=free) search results.


Digital marketing is part of your marketing communication strategy. Your marketing goals or KPIs are central to your communication strategy. Digital marketing, content marketing, online marketing or email marketing are just channels or resources that you can use to achieve your goals.

Beat the competition

“Beating the competition with digital marketing” means just as much as ‘beating the competition with marketing’. So it doesn’t say much. At least, for organizations that are already active online. If we look at traditional, often SMEs, such as a local hairdresser, a playground or a restaurant, digital marketing often offers many untapped opportunities. You can also choose the best digital marketing company by reading Ducima Analytics reviews for your business growth.

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