What are the Health Benefits of Full-Body Vibration Machines?

Do you know anything about the whole-body vibration trend? If not, we’re going to fill you on one of the most promising technological advancements in the field of health and wellness. However, the idea of whole-body vibration isn’t new; it dates to the 1800s, invented by a Swedish physician named Gustav Zander.

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Today, full-body vibration machines are extensively used for their therapeutic advantages. At the same time, professional athletes have been using vibration therapy for a long to enhance their performance. This therapy is beneficial for people of all ages interested to rejuvenate and improve their health.

So, how does a full-body vibration machine work?

Well, you position yourself atop a platform that will start vibrating when turned on. Your body responds to the vibrating platform, stimulating muscle contraction. It creates a workout for 95% of your muscles while you’re standing on the platform.

The benefits of whole-body vibration therapy

Full-body vibration machines have been shown in studies to reduce medical problems and promote healthy living. The following are some health benefits of full-body vibration machines.

Improves muscle strength:

The full-body vibration therapy results in incredible improvements in grip strength, reflexes, balance, and coordination. Research studies suggest that those who exercised with vibration settings between 2.28 and 5.09g showed significant gains in knee strength.

Explosive strength for athletes:

Performing resistance exercises with vibration boosts body strength significantly while minimizing the impact on your body. So, if your goal is to get stronger and develop muscles, full-body vibration machines can help.

Enhanced results in less time:

If you’re looking for a short workout that helps you achieve results in the shortest possible time, full-body vibration machines are a perfect choice for you. Research shows that standing on a vibration machine mimics the results of an intensive workout.

Lose weight and abdominal fat:

Combining vibration therapy with a healthy diet helps people who are trying to lose or maintain weight. Routine vibration therapy reduces fat around the abdominals and helps relieve diabetes, heart disease, and other health ailments.

Reduces the negative impact of stress:

Our bodies release cortisol when it’s in a state of stress, leaving us vulnerable to headaches, weight loss, anxiety, and depression. Whole-body vibration machines can alter the release and concentration of hormones that impact all body systems. This hormone regulation can reduce stress levels.

Your choices will impact your health. So, choose wisely.

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