What are the benefits of wedges for bed positioning

A good night’s sleep can make or break your day, and a pillow may play a big part in deciding whether you would have a great morning or not. A few conventional cushions can prove to be a nightmare for some people. Hence, positioning the wedge pillow puts your head in an elevated position which can provide many benefits to your health.

What are the benefits of wedges for bed positioning

One more particular scenario can be wherein a person you care for has to spend the majority of the day in bed. In this case, it is recommended to help change their position often. Health care providers suggest changing the position every four odd hours. They suggest you use medical positioning wedges which are useful in providing comfortable position changes.

  • No more snoring

When the pressure on your airway is less, then it proves to be a vital bonus for your body, it can reduce snoring. The key reason for snoring is due to the air not able to move freely through the nose and throat, hence, keeping the airway unrestricted. To this cause, wedge positioning pillows come to the rescue and helps you sleep soundly.

  • Relieve Back Pain

One must get the support one needs to have a good night’s sleep. Back pain can mess up your sleep cycle in more ways than one. Sleeping on a wedge-shaped pillow provides support to the lumbar and cervical vertebrae and thereby, relieving pain and strain.

  • Reduction of pressure on the airway

When people suffering from respiratory issues such as sleep apnoea use an ordinary pillow, it can pose a real danger to their sleep as well as their health as it creates pressure on the airway. When a person uses a positioning pillow, it elevates their head at an angle of 30 degrees to 45 degrees which reduce the strain on airway aiding in breathing easily at night.

  • Improves circulation

Placing a bed wedge pillow under the knees can prove to improve circulation as it aids in recovering tired muscles and swollen feet. It also helps prevent issues like deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

  • Soothes acid reflux

Gentle incline provided by wedge-shaped pillow can ease issues like acid reflux. They make sure that acid doesn’t reach your throat using gravity which helps you have a sound sleep.

  • Complies with the body

High-quality viscoelastic material is used to make the outer part of the pillow, which abides perfectly to the weight and body shape.

It gets supported by a stiff polyurethane foam core that makes it durable. The outer layer of the foam absorbs the body temperature and results in achieving a comfortable position.

The clear advantages of bed wedge pillows are many as we have already seen. It is an ideal choice to increase your comfort level in bed or when you’re recovering from a surgery or when there is a back recovery. Post-surgery, it is very reasonable that you have to bear swelling, throbbing, pain in the area where you’ve been operated, muscle tension or pain in the whole body. Using such pillows will help you reduce these discomforts and results in reducing stress. Picking up the right wedge pillow will guarantee the ideal results at the right time.

You must be partly convinced to have a positioning wedge pillow if you’ve never tried it before as we all understand the importance of full six to eight hours of sleep.

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