What are the autism and trains ?

The first train has wheels and this will appeal to those whose sensory include watching objects spin. probable reasons for the wide appeal among on the autism spectrum regardless of their ages.  there is two train first and second. First, trains will appeal to those whose sensory interests include watching objects spin. This is certainly common among children with autism. Second, trains can be categorized into different models, types, sizes, etc.rains also come with schedules. As you will see appeals to many people with


ASD and is in line with a need for the inclination to memorize and recite information. That is the fact we have learned to tap into the strong appeal of schedules to help individuals with autism learn and participate in community activities.here is one train also it’s called plus train and the main feature of plus train is support an enduring and developing interest across a lifetime.and the children love train character in movies and videos. For older children and adults model. trains can be fun to build and have mechanical features that can be interesting to take apart and reassemble.many of families as taking as a motivation for their children. And complete a medical visit without a tantrum. Many parents watching videos on youtube to reward a child for behavioral .trains can offer an enjoyable opportunity to engage with your child.

There are many children with autism have a well-documented interest in trains, enthralled by their motion and predictable patterns. They tend to prefer trains to planes because of their back-and-forth motion, in contrast to the variability of flight patterns.trains have a great deal of information for those with autism to enthusiastically master. national autistic society routinely organizes Thomas the tank engine fundraiser walk for autism.

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A train runs along the beach at Carkeek Park. At Carkeek it stands to reason that individuals with a one track mind would find delight in trains, and it’s a wonderful trend that this enthusiasm is being constructively channeled. Students in high school with autism were recently invited to visit the timetabling department of The London Transport

The National Railway Museum in York, England initiated a disability forum to better serve visitors with autism. Everybody stims, just generally we stim in a more socially acceptable manner. People with autism engage in self-stimulating behaviors to soothe themselves especially in environments with too many sensory stimuli, to express excitement or frustration or to burn excess energy.

Common stims include rapid finger movement in front of the face, making certain sounds or saying words repetitively, hand flapping and jumping. A lot of autistic persons are certain traits or interests that they stick dearly to. This could be of many reasons, some may be because of simple fascination, say a color or shape or motion. Some may also be interested due to how they relate to it, for example, a child might like monkeys because he believes he is silly like a monkey. It can also be because it is a security blanket of some sort, it is something they are good at or know lots about. In times where they are under pressure.



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