Ways To Keep The Sweet Tooth Happy

Failure shouldn’t always be interpreted as a loss. Failure is an attempt in learning. If as a child we never had failed we would have never learned what was the correct. From failures in the academic domain to failure in baking the first cake, from failures in winning a drawing competition to failures in program coding for which it did not compile, we learned how important is a failure. Today’s generation absorbs failure as only negative. They see it as their incapability to perform a job and hence they start losing hope. Loss of hope creates a void in mind and gives birth to all negativity of this world. They start losing self-confidence, suffer from an inferiority complex, start disregarding themselves and lose the passion that drives one to work hard. So we were an active part of the society should always keep a check that never does one start to feel the void.

Foods That Enhance Mental Health:

Vitamins taken in small amounts have a huge effect on mental strength. Water-soluble vitamins are more beneficial than fat-soluble vitamins since water-soluble vitamins are easily absorbed by all body tissues. Green leafy vegetables, grains, nuts, yogurt, berries, oily fishes have chemicals that can enhance the mood of a person. The latest fancy is thank you chocolates, which are chocolates which have a thank you note or a motivational quote in their wrappers which help one feel good in tuff times. Flavored tea is a good option as it releases phenolics and alkaloids which help release stress, lifts up the mood and brings in a new enthusiasm of positivity.

The Art Of Enhancing Mental Health

The aura that we feel around ourself has a great role to play in mood swings. Keeping our chakras positive in one such effort to keep our mind calm and clean. Regular yoga and meditation for about thirty minutes each day lowers down stress levels. The thank-you chocolates also enhance blood flow to the brain making the brain active each minute. Lowering of stress, lowers the blood pressure on arteries and veins and reduces the chances of cardiac diseases.

Influencing The Sweeth Tooth As Well As Gut

There can be many ways by which one can eliminate the negative thoughts one such major way not knowing too many is influencing their microbiota which resides in the gut and other body tissues. Microbiota can be influenced in many ways like food habits, exercises or by chemical stimulants. One major stimulant being caffeine. The one which we find in coffee, thank you chocolate gifts. This compound alters the gut microbiology which in turn changes the process of information and thus stimulates the brain. Brain process the information of microbiota and releases chemicals that lifts up the mood and kills suicidal thoughts.


The young generation lacks courage and spirit to fight back and rather chooses the easiest step of running away. Mental health awareness is a global concern. Soo influencing the microbiota by proper food habits and exercise can stimulate the brain and keep us active and happy for a longer period of time.

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