Ways To Eradicate The Severe Problems Of Obesity


The first to be blamed is the television and online medias for sedentary lifestyles. While the morning walk and the gym are recommended healthy practices and everybody wishes to remain fit, hours are spent each day staring at screens. Is it really a problem when the body accumulates excessive fat and the individual is termed obese? The scientific BMI indicates the level of obesity with 18.5-24.9 being considered normal.

The question of weight does not merely involve physical attractiveness though some traditional approaches may consider it a sign of prosperity. The excessive fat could invite serious health concerns like heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes along with decreased life expectancy. The heavier you get, the greater the chances of disease and an early death.

Can such a situation be reversed? Changes in diet, increased physical activity and perhaps some prescriptional medicines and even weight loss surgery could bring balance once again. Health risks vanish rather quickly when weight reduction takes place.

What are the motivating factors? While genes, that runs in the family, could cause obesity. However, most cases arise due to excessive food energy and inactive lifestyles. Endocrine disorders, psychiatric problems and medications are also known causes.

The practical approach to solve the problem would be the burning up of the fat. Exercise and a controlled diet will help to reduce the excess fat in our body. Many millions especially in the developed countries are suffering from this obesity nightmares, making it one of the most serious public health problems worldwide. Yet obesity could be prevented with some adjustments in lifestyle from an early age. Avoid food items which include fat content and sugar and try to include more fibre content food items. Obesity is declared as a disease by the American Medical Association in 2013.

In the later posts we will provide details about exercises which help to reduce fat content.

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