Want a best Barcode For Your Product?

Barcode ( Barcode) is a bar code composed of dark lines. (Usually black) and bright (often white) lines arranged vertically. Used instead of numbers and letters Is used to facilitate the computer to take data into processing more easily, faster, more accurately, and precisely. By using a barcode reader (Barcode Scanner) as a transmission data to the computer system. By separating the width between dark and light areas into numeric codes. When the light from the bar code reader hits the bar code in a horizontal position. The reflected light from the dark line is less than the light reflected off the bright area. The barcode reader converts this reflected light into a code sent to the computer. Barcodes can help reduce key errors a lot. Besides that, barcodes save time, reduce costs and useless human resources. You can get your Amazon barcode by the register in FBA Label Service.

There are two types of barcodes: 1-dimensional (1D) and 2D (2D) barcodes.

          1D (1D) barcodes feature alternating thin thick black and white lines. Suitable for general use that does not require a lot of storage space such as product code, product name, identification number, membership number, Serial no, etc.

There are 3 families of 1-dimensional barcodes in Thailand: EAN 13, Code 39, Code 128.

          EAN 13 (European Article Numbering) is the most recognized barcode model in the world. And is an international standard barcode that we have to register with GS1 as a set of 13 digits, commonly used with general consumer products such as food, beverages.

The EAN 13 barcode has the characteristics of a 13-digit set of numbers, meaning:

The first 3 digits are the code of the country of origin.

The next 4 digits is the factory code that is produced.

The next 5 digits is the product code.

And the number in the last digit Will be a number to verify the correctness of the barcode (check digit)

              Code 39 and Code 128 are barcodes that do not require registration. Widely used in industrial applications Government agencies and private organizations Can be used free of charge on general merchandise. Barcodes like this are codes that do not have a number of digits. Depending on the capability of the barcode reader and there is no need for a number to validate the barcode. It can display both numbers and letters. Including special characters (ASCII).

2D barcode

          It is a technology that is further developed from 1-dimensional barcodes, designed to contain information both vertically and horizontally. This makes it possible to contain information up to approximately 4,000 characters or 200 times the size of a 1-dimensional barcode in equal or smaller areas. It can contain information in languages ​​other than English, such as Thai, Japanese, Chinese or Korean. 2D barcodes can be decoded even if some barcodes are damaged.

Two popular 2D Barcode

Data Matrix barcode style has both square and rectangle shapes. They are mostly used in applications where space is limited and need a small barcode. This type of barcode is suitable for electronics, food, automotive industry, and machines, etc.

QR Code (Quick Response) Barcode style is square. This type of barcode is suitable for website, bill payment, payment, add LINE friends, tickets to events, Boarding Pass, flight tickets, etc. You can buy barcodes online.

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