Uses of Common Algorithms and Natural Algorithms?

Most common use of Common algorithms is that it is used for Computer Science. Computers will do everything we ask it to do. Algorithms allow the computers to do some specific functions and step by step instructions to perform a task.

Natural Algorithms are those which follow simple functions related to Science, Mathematics and Engineering. They take inspiration from Natural designs and processes.

What are Algorithms in General:

These are sequence of finitely induced instructions in the field of Mathematics and Also in Computers that is usually defined well, and it has a se of understandable instructions. They are used to solve a class of problems or perform a function.

They have the properties:

  1. They are always unambiguous and are basically used for calculations and data processing. This is also used for reasoning and many such similar tasks.
  2. In contrast to the term Algorithm we also know of a term which is HEURISTIC and this is a set of methods which are considered practical and they offer simple solutions but are not necessarily optimal.
  3. An Algorithm is used to denote the amount of space and also time. They are also in a language which is formal and calculative. These are a bunch of instructions that can be computed and also executed over a series of well defined finite state. They have a series of states which are successive and they often are relative and thus ending with a final state. Some Algorithms which are random have random outputs.
  4. Algorithms have been there since a long time. Algorithms which are arithmetic for example Division Algorithm were introduced from the time of 2500 BC and Egyptian Mathematics. Greeks also used the concepts in their fields. The Euclidean Algorithms also use the greatest common divisor of two numbers. Some people from the Arab countries specially the Mathematicians also use the Algorithms for special purposes like Code Breaking and analysis of Frequency.

How to express Algorithms:

This is the way there is to common algorithms by means of notations, languages, codes and flowcharts and even programming languages which is the main means of Computer Science. Some languages which are used to express algorithms tend to be quite ambiguous and are not used for complex problems. When we say programming languages we tend to say that they are intended for algorithms to be expressed in the computer way and form and used to define algorithms.

how do we define the representation of Algorithms in what we call a TURING Machine- This is done by describing which is high level and uses complex language format. There is also what is called a algorithms which is meant to ignore some amount of details and third step is the way where it describes how it is implemented. Here it stores data and does not necessarily give any details on the functions of the system. There is another description which is the Formal Description.

How do you formalise the Algorithms:

These are very important for computer data. Many computers process and store algorithms and these are basically the set of instruction to the computer on how to set or perform a function. This is in some order and this is enabled to carry out some specific functions. These are therefore set of sequences of functions or operations.

Turing Machines are those which can make up computations and calculate such processes and it does not terminate.

When we describe an infinite set then we can also say that the elements for the same will be put into some communication with the integers. We can say that an algorithm can be expressed as A=B+C where B and C are two input variables and they produce an output A.

A computer which gives off precise instructions for a fast and efficient process will make the computer to find, decode and then process some information in a way that has integers and symbols and also is effective a produce in some time which can be reasonable. The out put is such that is is specified and in a specified timeframe and format.

The Algorithm concept is used to denote the fact that something is predetermined and it is a notion that is used to explain the process of how a formal system works. It starts with some set of rules and in time it can be said that the algorithm cannot be measured and it is not related to physical dimension. However things which are not certain the algorithms which are not available, have to be used in an abstract manner.

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