How to make DIY easy and useful make organizer with cardboard?

Just like any other product in the market, the packaging for makeup accessories is essential as it works as the prime barrier for the products and helps to keep all the contaminating factors away from products. Makeup accessories are highly vulnerable to damaging factors, and any sort of excessive contamination can result in damage. Cardboard makeup boxes are highly effective in keeping such products in optimal condition as the packaging solution is highly sturdy in nature and can be laminated with special protective layers to ensure barrier properties. Digital and offset printing is also available and can help the businesses ensure proper visuals and appeal of the packaging design.

Significance of the design

All sorts of products in the market are vulnerable to damaging and contaminating factors. From mishandling to change in temperature, there are a variety of factors that can result in a product being useless for the consumers. It is the primary responsibility of product manufacturers to ensure their products till they are in the hands of consumers; from elevating the stacking ability of the packaging to keeping contaminations away, businesses should ensure the integrity of goods during the transit and storage phase. Packaging is the ultimate medium that can help businesses protect their products and get better feedback from consumer followership. Moreover, beauty and makeup products are also highly sensitive, and protecting them requires functional designs of packaging. Cardboard packaging boxes for makeup accessories can prove to be best as they are highly protective in nature and helps to keep the risks of damage and contamination away from products. These boxes are also highly customizable due to the versatile nature of materials and serve effectively in all major aspects.

Why cardboard?

We know that packaging helps businesses ensure the integrity of their products and to keep the risks of damage away from products, but why is cardboard the primary packaging being used by the majority of product manufacturers in the market? Makeup subscription boxes manufactured with cardboard and Kraft are now high in demand, and all the big companies are using this material to protect their products. The reason for the vast use of cardboard is simply due to the versatile and functional nature of the material. These boxes are superior to protect the products as it comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. They protect the products in an ultimate way and keeps the risks of contaminates away due to lamination options. These boxes can also be cut and designed in any desired shape and size, in addition to endless printing options. The material is also perfect as it is recyclable and reusable; it perfectly helps to minimize carbon emissions.

Reusing the material

Due to the reusable nature of the material and versatility, cardboard can be easily cut and molded in any desired shape and make new crafts out of it. Cardboard and Kraft are highly easy to handle and require only some essential tools to give a new life to the old packaging. You can easily use the old cardboard makeup subscription boxes free supplies to make creative and highly usable crafts out of it. The pliable nature of the material makes it perfect for DIY projects as it can be folded in any shape and hold for a long period of time. You can make use of the empty makeup packaging boxes for making items such as desk organizers easily at home; you just require some essential tools and empty boxes for the project. Gather the essential resources to unleash your creative self and come up with new and innovative ideas.

Basic items to gather

For making DIY desk organizers, you will be required to have some common cutting and gluing materials. Here are the tools to gather before starting the project.

  • Cardboard from old packaging
  • Glue or tape
  • Wrapping paper for embellishment
  • Pen
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Ruler


  1. Use a paper cutter or scissors to cut open empty monthly makeup boxes for getting cardboard sheets.
  2. Draw a template on the cardboard sheet using a pen and ruler. You can decide the dimensions of the cardboard depending upon your own individual needs. (We are using a 30 cm by 20 cm template with 20 cm height, the front side of the organizer is 12.5 cm while the back being 7.5 cm).
  3. Use a sharp paper cutter with a ruler or scissors for cutting the template.
  4. Once you have cut the required sizes or cardboard, assemble them without applying the glue (it’s just to test the shape and make small alterations depending upon needs).
  5. Dissemble the individual pieces and for wrapping gift paper or fabric on them.
  • Make a solution with one part glue and 2 parts of water
  • Use a brush to coat the cardboard pieces with the solution
  • Apply wrapping paper or fabric and let it dry
  1. Assemble the pieces again and apply glue at their corners to make it hold the shape and let it dry.
  2. Place all the precious accessories and items in the organizer; you are good to go.


Just like the organizer, you can also make other kinds of unique crafts using old cardboard materials. They are not only perfect for protecting the products but can be used for a long period of time. The protective and versatile nature of cardboard is the prime reason behind the success of the material.

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