Upgrade To SaaS-Based Payroll Software To Empower Your Business.


Each and every organization throughout the world needs HR administration systems in one or another form. The physical musters and Spreadsheets may be sufficient for the smaller organizations but after a certain level, they always need to replace the redundant data entry of large workforces’ data over and again in the Spreadsheets which is followed by manual calculation marathons. HR Software can easily solve these problems by automating most of the processes. Let this article be your helping hand in discovering the advantages of migrating to a SaaS-based HR Software and upgrade your HR Department.

Accessibility, Integration, and Automation:

The over-the-cloud services offer unprecedented accessibility which shall open newer horizons for your business. Your employees can access the HR Software from anywhere they wish as long as they are having a smart device with an internet connection as it has no device restraints or geographical limitations. These systems also garner data from multiple locations on a real-time basis and synchronize them with a central database where all the data is processed simultaneously without any hassle. This functionality is a boon for aspiring businesses who need scalable solutions as they may be operating from different locations or willing to do so in the future. Perhaps, this is possible through extensive integration between various modules of the HR Software such as Leave and Attendance Management System, Travel and Expense Management System, Performance Management System and Self Onboarding features to provide comprehensive solutions for all HR core functions. They can also be integrated with the external infrastructure such as the accounting software to make direct JV entries and bank to make direct payments even without using net banking. Thus, most of the tedious and repetitive human tasks. This automation facilitates the strategic management process by providing intuitive inputs and relieving the HR of clerical formalities involved in the job profile.

Error-free Payroll Processing and Timely Statutory Complianc

For any Indian HR, Quickbooks payroll is not a part of their job, it is literally their second job for which they aren’t paid. This is due to the fact that they have to gather numerous inputs from physical registers and musters to compile data in Spreadsheets and disbursing the calculated amounts. The whole process is very stereotyped and pretty counterproductive which often leaves HR professionals very frustrated. An payroll software can easily streamline all the tasks involved and automate most of the workload. Moreover, it also facilitates auto-generation of the statutory compliance reports such as PF Forms and ESIC Challans along with maintaining a record of the same. This is especially helpful in case of an audit trail or for cost accounting purposes.

Advanced Reporting Features: 

The modern approach to business demands well-informed decision making which requires factual data and figures. This need can be addressed by an HR Software by providing powerful reports. They can provide expense reports, performance reports, cost allocation reports and status reports for various strategic management purposes. For instance, the organization can use these reports for analyzing employee behavioral trends such as resignations, employee life cycles, positive traits, etc. and see through their relationships with specific events or time of year when they occur. This helps in addressing future situations in a better and controlled way. The management can also identify the employees who are genuine yet struggling with their profiles by counsel them and provide with necessary pieces of training. It also makes the appraisals more transparent which helps retaining workforces, a common challenge for the Indian businesses.

There are numerous other benefits of the cloud HR solutions such as the ESS Portals which provide a central platform for all official communications. The employees can use it to upload and manage their information by themselves and apply for changes in attendance details, leaves and claim reimbursements with the current status being available. The Geo Fencing is another feature which allows the employees to mark their attendance upon entering the office premises. Perhaps, the most attractive part of the deal is the competitive pricing. They offer monthly subscription models and don’t require the purchase of any infrastructure at the time of purchase, with easy maintenance being a cherry on the top! Thus, if you’re willing to invest in one, make sure to choose the right software which is suitable for your business.



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