Unmetered dedicated server is a type of dedicated server where customer fully controls over hosting server with unique IP address without worry about the bandwidth utilization within a month. Clients is free to use as much they require bandwidth for website, website will go never down, you will free from this stress.

Unmetered dedicated server

But in case of metered dedicated hosting you need to fix that how much amount of bandwidth you going to utilize within month like 5TB, 20TB, 100GB etc. Whatever your requirement is you need to limit the bandwidth and if you’re fixed bandwidth exceed your limit in case your site will suffer and you need to increase your bandwidth.

Unmetered dedicated server offers you a hosting server that has no set limitation per month bandwidth utilization. Bandwidth is the amount of data that transferred to and from your server. Your unmetered dedicated server will be connected to the network on a set port speed, and you will have full control to use as much or as little bandwidth on that port as possible. Unlike metered dedicated servers that have a 10TB bandwidth cap on a 1Gbps port, unmetered dedicated servers would permit you to use as much bandwidth as your server needs for an improved dedicated hosting experience. Also Unmetered Dedicated Server guarantee avoidance policy that any Unexpected Bandwidth Overage Charges. However there is unlimited Bandwidth Consumption, You can host a Streaming Application or gaming server without any Fear of Overages.

Bluewelthost Provide Unmetered Dedicated Servers within your affordable budget with Zero Limitation on Bandwidth.

When it comes to dedicated server hosting, you have seemingly many options to consider. You need to decide that how much bandwidth you going to utilize the storage type that is right for you; there are a lot of decisions that need to be made when choosing your ideal dedicated hosting service. Fortunately, with Reliable website, The Hosting Service provider are always ready to assist you in making the right decisions and allow the clients to fully customize their hosting needs at any time. In addition to full customization, the unmetered dedicated server’s option is best choice for business which provides hosting with no limitations on your monthly bandwidth usage.

, Unmetered dedicated server hosting service is the ideal option for gamers and website owners whose bandwidth requirements can be unpredictable. By choosing unmetered dedicated server hosting, you can save a lot of money and benefitted by a number of additional services in the process.

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Flexibility and Freedom

First of all, when you select unmetered dedicated server hosting, you never need to worry about using too much bandwidth or being charged overages for using more than your monthly allotment. This means you are the flexible to use as much bandwidth as you need in whichever capacity best suits for you. Likewise, if you are going to set up an online business and blog, you do not need to stress about cutting back on the applications you use or the amount of data files you host simply due to concerns about bandwidth.

High Performance

So you no need to stress about bandwidth and overcharged usage, you can freely optimize the functionality of your website, online store, blog, gaming server, or any other platform for which you are using your unmetered dedicated server hosting package. You are free to install and use any applications without worry about bandwidth and you be  ensure to smooth performance, you can add as many gamers as you would like to your game. You will never have to worry about performance suffering because of your bandwidth.

Reliable Security and free from malicious attack

Using an unmetered dedicated server provides you peace of mind when you feel stress about security. That’s why you will never have to pick and choose between software and security updates or security add-ons based on how much bandwidth you have.

Reduce Money

When you use more bandwidth per month and you have paid for through many hosting sites, using unmetered dedicated server you will end up paying hefty overages and facing other penalties.

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