Are You Trying to Start Your Own Restaurant?

Starting a business in any industry is an immense decision and requires a lot of thought. Moreover, if you are interested in opening a restaurant there are other decisions to take into account as well.

All About the Venue

For the sake of all argument we will talk about establishing a restaurant following these basic criteria:

  1. Crowd-20-25 and upwardly mobile
  2. Venue-the downtown business district

Making these two decisions both opens up a multitude of options and closes others. For example, the business district brings the availability of Happy Hours and business lunches. Moreover, there is also room to expand by offering catered lunches to the surrounding businesses.

If properly executed a great lunch spot can also become a hot social environment for the 20-something crowd to get together after a long day.

To Dine For

Using the aforementioned criteria, there are choices that become necessary to ensure success upon launch. These are some of the options available:

  1. Business luncheons- catering and on-site
  2. Social hotspot of the upwardly mobile
  3. Point of Sales system (POS)

As we look into these the path is amazingly clear. However, it will take an effort to organize a luncheon menu that is easy to execute and easy to deliver. Remember, those on lunch have a limited amount of time and some of that is taken up by getting to the restaurant in the first place. A lunch menu that is easy to deliver will ensure that customers are not spending their lunch break waiting for a table.

When turning over to service the evening clientele one of the most important things to remember for menu options is that a woman does not spend 20 bucks on lipstick to waste on a brioche bun. So finger food options such as sliders or popovers are wonderful options and can be made in even vegetarian options.

An accurate POS system helps to ensure that sales are tallied accurately and reduces the likelihood that the staff has other ideas. One of the major issues in running a successful establishment is cash management. Unfortunately, if staff members believe they can cheat the system, they are more likely to try.

Socially Acceptable

As we continue to use our previously mentioned information, we discover that the 20-something crowd is also a very social crowd. They like to meet up with coworkers or friends after work and imbibe a bit over food and conversation. This leads to another irrefutable fact. If you can get women to come to your restaurant after hours, the men will follow, increasing the nights’ receipts.

It is imperative the after-hours vibe provided is a space in which women will feel comfortable and provide adequate opportunity for conversation.

A great restaurant can flourish in almost any location as long as you understand the demographic you wish to serve. If you are trying to create a fabulous new hotspot, or just serve a fabulous soup and sandwich, pay attention to the clients you wish to serve.

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