Top Reasons To Do Customized Cool Room Installation At Your Place

When it comes to cooling solutions for food and other products, the main factors that need to be checked out are the amount of the cooling efficiency required and the type of products that need to be stored. While commercial refrigerators are a good option for small-scale businesses, bigger businesses would be better served with a cool room installation.

Top Reasons To Do Customized Cool Room Installation At Your Place

When it comes to a cool room installation, business owners have two vastly different options to select from i.e. generic, pre-fabricated cool rooms and custom designed cool rooms. Both these the type of installations have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, which a business would need to consider based on its specific needs, budget and space available, etc.

We share a few points on customized a cool room installation, so that business owners can know their advantages more in detail. 

  1. Better storage efficiency

Since a customized cool room is built as per the specific requirements of your business, you can plan in detail the exact space it will occupy, the storage areas and the type and number of shelves you would like to install. In a custom cool room installation, the size and placement of the shelves can also be customized to accommodate bigger or smaller products as the need may be.

This is a big advantage compared to generic or pre-fabricated cool rooms that may have a fixed width or height between shelves, leading to space wastage and worse you needing to cramp big products within small shelves.

  1. Customised Look and Feel

In a customised cool room installation, you can design the storage space as per your requirements and other areas that will help you work more efficiently. You can have multiple access doors and glass panels along with mood lighting that creates a good working atmosphere along with the exact wall thickness you need to achieve higher cooling performance, etc.

The cooling room can also be designed in your company colors, logo, and style to give it a uniform look as per the rest of your store or restaurant. -designed and customised cooling rooms can make customers feel comfortable while making their purchases and giving the entire store a more professional and sleek look.

  1. Better Cooling and Air Flow

Pre-fabricated cooling rooms may have a specific number of air vents placed as per the design of the specific unit. This may not be suitable for your business as some of the vents could be placed in inconvenient places, forcing you to store your products around them only. This could reduce the cooling your products require, leading to shorter shelf life. 

In a custom cool room installation, you can place the air vents and plan for the air flow exactly as you need it, to keep your products fresh and avoid spoilage. Better airflow can help you store more stocks, reducing the need for frequent replacements that are time and manpower-consuming.

Final Words

Compared with a pre-fabricated cool room, getting a custom cool room installation done can help you make the most out of your investment. A well-designed cool room installation will help you achieve the same with ease and prove profitable for your business in the long run.


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