Top 4 Key Areas HR Professionals Should Not Overlook

We’ve often come across the most popular aphorism – People are your greatest asset!

Have you thought about how this sentiment reflects in our organizations?

Perhaps this statement has been used over a hundred times, and yes because it remains to be true. The performance of the people has a great impact toward the organization’s success. Therefore, projecting human resource to be a significant resource in any type of business.

As an HR professional, you need to take into account the wellbeing of your organization. Human resource management is responsible to maintain the sanity of the organization in every way possible. Besides managing the workers’ compensation and employee engagement activities, the human resource professional also takes care of other areas which are less spoken.

Turn back time, there were many responsibilities which weren’t a priority at that certain point of time, But, times have changed. More than ever human resource management needs to help employees with their training capabilities, the wellness of their health,the feasibility of remote working, and resilience. An organization could use some help by getting support for the organization’s growth.

Below are a few areas where human resource professionals need to start supporting employees:


HR leaders have been taken aback due to the damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But these are unexpected situations that are way beyond one’s control. Imagine if people wouldn’t be resilient, it could become a challenge to combat the ongoing changes and work on the future, thus succumb to failures and pressure the situation will bring.

The global pandemic attack has significantly changed the way we live and work.

Employees must be given complete support so their resilience to combat unexpected challenges can be properly encountered and improved.

To keep pace, the human resource management needs to address issues regarding resilience and start finding solutions about how the pandemic situation can be controlled. The best way to do this is by developing programs to promote mental wellness. Employees need to know that the company cares about their mental wellness.

When a situation occurs like the recent one, COVID-19; HR professionals along with the management team need to come up with a solution to achieve predetermined goals.

Employee training

Most organizations tend to invest a good amount of resources in keeping the employees updated with the latest happenings. They’re being sent to attend seminars and workshops within the locality, and at times travel overseas for such events. Employers are doing a great job and this need not stop.

However, at times, the organizations often forget that besides the employees, even senior HR leaders need to be trained.

It is also said that great learners and workers may not always be best in teaching. But to ensure there’s a proper channel of knowledge transfer, human resource professionals need to make sure the communication gap is eliminated from both the ends.

It is their responsibility to make sure the employees work with their best efforts. Also, professionals who have chosen to follow this path should put in their best efforts in improving the organization.

Remote working

Who would have thought that the 2020 working environment would be confined within the four walls? As a result of the pandemic hit, most organizations have made work from home mandatory. Earlier, it was never considered an option since managers believe work from home to be some excuse when an employee does not want to work to their full potential.

The pandemic situation seems to change the minds of employers. Now companies are becoming more strategic in managing employees. The sensitivity of this situation is now being realized and addressed with proper work from home guidelines. Some companies have even started supporting employees by providing proper infrastructure for them to work from home i.e. reimbursement of broadband connection or perhaps providing a monitor and a chair for them to work comfortably from their homes.

Wellness and wellbeing of employees

The needs of an individual do not change whether they work out of the office or at the office setup. No employees wish to work with fear or under immense stress.

One of the major reasons why as an HR professional, you must keep everything intact, ensure the work environment is not under any toxic threat.

Signs of toxic work environments could be damaging to the organization. Gender-based discrimination, bullying, or power tripping should be avoided.

Strict policies against such workplace discrimination need to be developed and followed. They should be floated across the organization, employees, senior management, and the bosses.

Despite the pandemic hit, it is still the responsibility of the human resource professional to take care of every employee’s wellbeing. The importance was always there, the only difference is that the situation has been emphasized in a much broader way after the pandemic hit.

As a leader of an organization, one must always take heed of the employee’s needs. We’re all living at one of the most unprecedented times, and having support from human resources is indeed a blessing.

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