Tips & Tricks For Vaping At Your Workplace


Each establishment or company has its own set rules and whether vaping can be allowed at your workplace depends on the organisation as well as local state laws. It should be realised that if your workplace already has banned smoking indoors, then possibly the ban on vaping will also follow. 


The only way to know whether you can perform vaping indoors at your workplace would be to get in touch with your higher management and thereby learn about the specific rules & regulations. But, regardlessly, we are sharing some practical tips that you should be looking into before you try to vape at your workplace

Excellent Tips To Consider Before Vaping At Workplace

  • Always Research Your Local State Laws

One of the crucial things that you should be first looking out would the state laws and whether they allow vaping at workplaces. You must remember that laws can differ from one state to another, so it’s all up to you to discover regarding what your area municipality says about the issue. You can look into the tobacco/cigarette and e liquid category to learn about the terms & conditions. 

In case you cannot find the rules & regulations all by yourself, you can always get in touch with the authorities personally. By contacting them personally, you’ll be able to determine the exact laws regarding the use of e-cigarettes at your workplace. 

  • Proceed To Ask Your Human Resource Team Or Manager

Once you’ve done your homework reading the state rules & regulations regarding the use of e-cigarettes at workplaces, it’s time that you ask your company, HR Manager or Team. You can always set up a meeting with your boss along with the HR team members – thereby asking them the employer’s take on the issue. 

However, if you’ve already been provided with an employee handbook, then you can try to find about the same in that handbook. But, it should be kept in the intention that if the handbook is old, then it may not have the term ‘e-cigarettes’ or ‘vaping’ mentioned. In that case, you can look at the rules regarding the term ‘smoking’ and how it is defined. If possible, you can ask the HR team to provide you with clarity on the same. 

In case e-cigs are allowed according to the terms of your company, then you can simply go ahead and happily buy Juul Pods in the UK for your vaping requirements. 

  • Practice Etiquettes & Be Courteous While Vaping At Your Workplace

If your office allows vaping, then that doesn’t mean that you should start doing it without even thinking about your colleagues. 

Ensure that you’re always courteous to your fellow workers and thereby practice etiquettes while vaping – so that they don’t find it disturbing or distracting. 

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