Tips To Make Healthy Pancake

Banana pancakes

Want to make a homemade healthy pancake for Sunday? Pancakes will be a healthy and delicious cake for your special day, if use some ideas. Following paragraph discusses secrets for how to make pancakes healthier.

Most pancake recipe’s main ingredient is white flour, which has a neutral taste but doesn’t provide much in the way of nourishment. To make pancakes healthier, use healthy wheat flour instead of white flour. Wheat flour consists of sixteen grams of fibre per cup compared to three grams of fibre in white flour. For a light flavor, can use white wheat flour, which is most identical to white flour with a somewhat nutty flavor, but usual wheat flour will also work. If you have any problem to make hundred percentage of wheat pancake, begin with replacing only the half white flour with wheat flour in your recipe.

Extra flavor will get from using milk in batter of pancake. Milk will make the cake healthier, tastier and soft. Replace the natural and healthy milk in your pancake mix with buttermilk or skim milk. Buttermilk or skim milk is sugar free and fat-free and it gives a nice and strong flavor to the pancakes that can’t get from regular milk.

If pancake recipe have another ingredient butter and calls for melted cheese in the batter, skip it and olive oil is best instead of butter. Butter has high saturated fat and as long as you are mixing other tasteful ingredients to pancakes (like skim milk, wheat flour or dry fruits), this oil will not make taste different.

Grind or mix dry ingredients into wet ingredients in an average bowl. Mix it well until dry ingredient will completely dissolved in wet. In which have to resist over mixing of ingredients, it will make the pancakes tough.

Later posts will provide the details about nutritious diet and its recipe.

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