Tips for Finding a Hobby as an Adult

As we get older, finding activities outside of work and time with friends can be difficult. You might want a hobby to fill your time with but you’re not sure what to do. Hobbies are a great way to express yourself and enjoy spending time on something that’s just for you, but many adults lose sight of their interests because they’re too busy with work and family. If you’d like to start crafting, taking photos, or playing an instrument, here’s how to find the right hobby for you.

Think about what you liked to do when you were younger.

Kids have plenty of hobbies and fun activities to engage in, but as we get older, work and caring for family members take over. If you’re struggling to find a new hobby, think back to what you enjoyed as a kid. Maybe you used to take ice skating lessons but let that skill fall away as you grew up. Putting yourself back on the ice can reinvigorate your spirit and make you feel like a kid again.

Perhaps you always wanted to try a role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons but couldn’t find a group to play with as a kid. Head to your local game shop or online forum and see if you can find a small group for new players. Many adults feel like they can’t enjoy the activities they used to like children, but these hobbies are often perfect for keeping you happy. You’ll feel joy as you engage with an activity that’s just for pleasure and that brings up pleasant memories.

Consider whether or not you’d like to profit off your hobby.

Some people use their hobbies as additional sources of income. Other people either can’t find a way to profit off their hobby (most likely no one will pay you for reading or running) or don’t want to attach money to something leisurely. If you like the idea of making a little extra cash, you’ll want to choose a hobby that will make you a profit. Something like using a drone to make money would be perfect for anyone who’s hoping to make a few bucks in their spare time.

Like Howard Fensterman, you may want to use your knowledge to educate others without a focus on profit. Fensterman’s knowledge of minerals is extensive and he likes to provide others with helpful tips and information on his blog. This hobby is seemingly unrelated to Fensterman’s full-time career as a lawyer, which shows that your leisurely activities can be whatever brings you joy. You may already have a hobby established. Writing a blog like Mr. Fensterman’s will give you a space to educate others about the topic and share the hobby that you love.

Decide if you’d like a solo hobby or one that involves the community.

Some hobbies are quite solitary, while others provide more opportunities for involving others. You might even find that your hobby can be done both individually and in a group, like running. Think about why you’re starting a hobby and that will help you decide if you’d like to be a part of the community or not.

Volunteering at church will make you a valuable member of your community. You might start a Bible study and meet with other church members every week. Maybe you’d rather be in charge of the Cokesbury church supply and order church supplies from home by yourself. Thinking about what type of hobby you’d enjoy and how much you’d like to interact with others will help you decide the activity that’s right for you.

Hobbies give you something fun to do, help you meet new people, and are instant stress-relievers. Start hunting for the perfect hobby and enjoy whatever you decide on.


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