Things to Know When Touring New Apartment in Palm Desert CA: Tips & Checklist

When it comes to searching for ideal living place in Palm Desert, there are lot of things to keep in mind while touring. Are the apartments in Palm Desert CA safe for family? What features and amenities to look for in an ideal apartment? Does the unit have on-site laundry facility? Are pets allowed in the units?

However, it may sound easy when it comes to find the best apartment in the best location of Palm Desert, but reality is far different from what it may appears. Sometimes, you may only get a couple of minutes to tour a potential apartment, which can make it a challenging task to come up with essential questions or concerns to ask a property agent. So, how do you keep track of an ideal apartment?

There are plenty of things to consider before signing a lease or contract with property manager. With this apartment tour checklist, we have outlined what to look for in Palm Desert Resort Country Club apartments, and what to keep an eye focus during your apartment tour.

Things to Know When Touring New Apartment in Palm Desert CA

Apartment common amenities and conditions

There are few amenities that you need to look for in a search of ideal Palm Desert apartments:

  • Is there any facility conducted for internet connection? Where is the connection for internet connection cable hook up, and will the set-up work for your living room?
  • Make a note of regular life essential appliances such as washing machine, microwave, refrigerator, and oven. Do they have proper space and have the sockets?
  • Be sure to look at the condition of light switches and fixtures to make sure they are working properly and have the earthing?
  • Check the pressure of water in the kitchen and bathroom, including toilets, faucets and shower in your kitchen. Also check how long does it take for hot water to start flowing and fill the bucket.
  • Does the bidet flush properly? Also check the flow and is the water sufficient when is flushing through the bidet?
  • Note the condition of the floor, is it in good condition or require few repairs?
  • If looking for homes for rent in Palm Desert, then check the conditions of the walls otherwise once you book the apartment and start moving, you will feel embarrassed when invite the guests.

Apartment Safety Amenities

  • Check whether the door locks secure, if not then you are required to fix it because safety comes first when it is moving to an ideal rental apartment.
  • Are the windows secured and its hinges are working properly?
  • Take a detail look at the smoke detectors, sprinklers and carbon-monoxide detectors.
  • Does the kitchen have latest fire extinguisher or installed fire safety equipment?

Now that you know what exact amenities you need to look for finding your dream spot, start exploring!

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