Things That You Might Not Know About Subway Tiles

subway tiles

If you think that there is nothing you don’t know about the subway tiles, then think again. Below we have given some not-so-popular facts or information about these tiles. See if the information we have provided is something that you already know or not?

It’s Origin

Many people have no idea about the origin of the subway tiles. They are first seen in the subway system of New York City. When this subway system was opened, that is in the 1940s, the designers were assigned with a tricky task. They were asked to design a surface with features like: 



  • Easy to clean
  • Feels safe and familiar
  • Cost-effective



The designers succeeded in finding the solution, that is: The tiles having slightly curved edges and a glossy or clean finish. That we people normally called the subway tiles. 

Subway Tiles Are Also Available In the Stone And Glass Variants

If you think that subway tiles are defined by the way they are made, then think again. Their official definition is a low-fired, glazed and thin ceramic tile. The Washington Post says that the first version of these tiles is made of white glass. But nowadays, these tiles are available in lots of material options like marble, stone, glass, and many more.

$1 Deal

Different subway tiles have different prices. Some stores offer classic white subway tiles for about $1 per tile. On the other hand, some offer the same at $60 per square foot. The price of these tiles depends upon various factors like:



  • The type of subway tile you are choosing like glass, stone, mirror, etc.
  • Whether you are buying online or offline. It is noted that online sellers offer more quality tiles at a lesser price than the offline stores. 
  • The colour



If you are looking for subway tiles for your home, we suggest you make a budget first. Approach your interior designer and ask them about the total cost of the subway tile they are going to use in your home. Making a budget will help you to avoid wasting time on those tiles that you can’t afford.

Infinite Pattern Possibilities

You might picture the subway tile laying in the usual horizontal brick pattern. But do you know that you can lay them vertically and even in any geometric shaped pattern you want? 


If you want your house to look more attractive than it was before, check which pattern suits it the best. You can take the help of google to do so. Simply open your web browser and type “Subway tile patterns” and click on the image option. From there, you can view various patterns for subway tiles and make a list of the ones you think are perfect for your home. 

Final Words

Subway tiles are one of the most affordable and classic tiles people love to use in their kitchens and bathroom. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option to cover your walls, these are must-considered tiles. 


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