Things you should know about your Dog’s Dental Health

As a dog owner, it is your first duty to take care of your dog’s dental health which is why grooming your pet dog in the right correct way is important. Who doesn’t love dogs after all? So, you cannot leave any stone unturned to keep their health in good condition. Grooming your dog is not really difficult as some of you may think so. All you need is to invest some of your time and patience to groom your dog.

Know the importance of grooming

The health and appearance of your dog often act as an indicator of the overall condition of your dog and how well you take care of it. Just like you take care of your own body to avoid health problems or infections, you should take care of your dog to avoid any infection.

Similar to humans, a dog needs proper brushing of their teeth as well as their gum too. Chewing bully sticks is really good for their gums. This way, you can avoid your dog from getting gum diseases or teeth decay. It is often seen that dogs suffer from dental problems just at the age of 3, which is not at all good. It can bring about a lot of other health problems too.

Misconceptions about your dog’s dental health

Your dog’s dental health can tell you a lot about their health condition. But there are some misconceptions related to their dental health that should be ignored which can often confuse you. It is better to clear these misconceptions so that you can pay more attention to your dog’s dental health in the right way.

  • Misconception – A dog’s bad breath is normal

Fact – A bad breath coming from a dog can never be normal. Maybe it is due to a health issue or problem that is related to the gums like your dog might be having gingivitis. If you notice a much stronger bad breath, it may not be the cavities but an actual digestive problem where you should consult a veterinarian immediately.

  • Misconception -Toothpaste for humans can be used on them

Fact – Using human toothpaste for them? Do not! The toothpaste that humans use contains fluoride which is toxic for your furry’s health. Buy the one made specifically for dogs instead.

  • Misconception – Chewing toys improve their dental health

Fact – Chewing toys or bones are not really that good for your dog’s dental health. It may get stuck to their teeth or injure their gums. Only brushing their teeth can help in cleaning. Although there are some chewing toys that do some cleaning which can keep them healthy as well.

  • Misconception – Having symptoms of poor dental health

Fact – A dog with poor dental health never really shows any symptoms of pain as such. It’s in their survival instinct that they will continue to eat and be normal. It is you who will have to take them to the vet for regular checkups to detect any dental problem.

So, do not believe these misconceptions and do what is to be truly done. Dental health is a very important part of your dog’s grooming.

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