Things About Healing Crystals That You Might Not Know


Crystal Healing
Crystals are famous for their beauty, rarity, and hardness. They play an important role in jewelry making. Gemstones or crystals refer to the actual gems and other attractive minerals in the same type but of different colors and structures. 

In crystal therapy, gemstones or crystals are used to heal the patient. Crystals are believed to have a healing effect that can cure physical, psychological, and emotional issues. This is the reason why they are mostly known as healing stones.

The History Of The Healing Stones

There are references in almost all ancient cultures of the use of precious stones for healing purposes. The ancient Assyrians and Babylonians made healing tinctures from precious stones to treat various ailments. The Ayurveda writings also contain precise instructions for the production of elixirs, powders, or pastes from precious stones.

The Effect Of The Stones

There is no scientific theory or proof about the working of crystals. But it is assumed that the atoms, which form the healing stones, generate a certain amount of vibrations that influence the human body’s vibrations.

It is also assumed that crystals are not completely dead matter. But objects from which energy comes out in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The healing stones are precious stones whose special effects have been tried and tested by many people over many centuries and passed down through generations.

It has not yet clarified why some crystals have a healing effect and others do not. In total, well over 300 precious crystals or gemstones healers use as healing stones.

Well-known Healing Stones And Their Areas Of Application

For a healing stone to work correctly, one should choose the stone according to the needs. Here are some crystals for beginners or the well-known healing stone along with their effective use:


  • Amethyst: It is used for concentration problems and to cure disorders related to the nervous system
  • Agate: Used for intestinal issues and skin diseases
  • Ruby: Used for cardiovascular problems
  • Citrine: Used to support the detoxification function of the human body
  • Tiger’s Eye: For stress, anxiety, and mood swings
  • Rock Crystal: It helps the vascular system


Cleaning The Stones

Gemstones can not only emit vibrations but also absorb them. So during therapy, they absorb the terrible energies of their owner. Therefore, healing stones should be energetically cleaned or re-energized at regular intervals.

To do this, the stones one should place the crystals under the running water for about half an hour. You can also place the healing stones in the sea salt for a night or in the sun for a few hours to restore its healing powers. 

Healing Crystal Therapy

There are basically three treatment options for crystal therapy. The simplest form of treatment with gemstones is by wearing it on the body. The stones do not have to be worn directly on the affected area. You can use one to two stones in the form of pendants or jewelry, such as gemstone chains. However, it is more effective if you place it on specific parts of the body like your chest. By hanging up, the energy blockages inside your body can dissolve. 

How To Learn About Crystals In Detail?

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Final Words

So, these were some essential information about healing crystals that every beginner practitioner must know. If you still have any doubts regarding the above content, ask us in the comment section below. 


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