The Varied Kinds of Christian Books That You Explore

Christianity is a major world religion that stems from the teachings, life, and death of Jesus Christ. Since its advent, this religion has rapidly become one of the largest ones. There are currently 2 billion Christians in the world. Its biggest groups are the Roman Catholic Church, the Protestant churches, and the Eastern Orthodox churches. Today, in the Christian market, people can find many books to read that help them connect deeper with their faith. For instance, you can find a number of ESV bibles on sale online. They are available in hardcover and paperback versions. Often, people are confused as to what makes a book Christian. Keep reading to find what defines such books and the two major categories you can find them in.

Christian Books

When Can A Book Be Defined as Christian?

Defining what makes a book fit seamlessly into the Christian section of the market is quite challenging. They are composed from a Christian perspective and view. It means that these books look at life from truths that the Bible reveals. A Christian book presupposes a sovereign God who made everyone and everything. The book assumes that people are directly answerable to the almighty for their words, actions, and thoughts. It also implies that human beings require redemption and salvation.

What is Christian Fiction?

A Christian fiction book is edifying and will point people to Christ without appearing too devotional. Some Christian fiction books communicate the varied aspects of Christianity in their story. They incorporate things like conversion, Church, and prayer. There are also some other books in this category that do not include such evident references to the faith. However, they are surely written from a Christianity perspective. It means that they abide by the biblical principles and communicate some tenet of redemption, like the unconditional love of the almighty.

Christian fiction is a category in the stories composed by novelists whose Christian perspective blends finely into the plot and character development. This grouping of fiction novels is as detailed and diverse in age, interest, and religious depth as its readership.

What Makes up for a Christian Non-Fiction Book?

Christian non-fiction books are generally quite clear in their usage of the Biblical principles to teach about a specific subject. You can look at them as leadership books. The Bible itself has varied teachings that apply to leadership. Another category in non-fiction is a memoir. It is an individual’s faith journey and their dealing with the spiritual part of life, mainly concerning a life issue like an illness or addiction.

Christian non-fiction enables people to transform their faith and help them view the world through a wider lens. It also imparts them with practical and tangible ways to grow as Christian. Some of the prominent names in Christian non-fiction include the following:

  • Kristen Schell’s The Turquoise Table: Finding Community and Connection in Your Own Front Yard.
  • Elyse Fitzpatrick’s Idols of the Heart.
  • Julie Barnhill She’s Gonna Blow.
  • Jen Wilkin’s None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us.

Both Christian fiction and non-fiction offer a memorable reading experience, which captivates the imagination, is inspirational, and allows people to surpass various challenges. You can find spiritually helpful ESV bibles online by prominent authors like Sinclair B. Ferguson and C.H Spurgeon. These books help a reader to comprehend better the essence of Christianity and the meaning of life.

Written by Hannah Gilbert

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