The Significance Of Physical Therapy For Post-Surgical Recovery

A surgical treatment makes a person really weak, therefore it takes weeks or sometimes months to recover from it. Whether you talk about hip, knee or shoulder surgery, it takes a lot of time to recover from them. However, if you seek physical therapy for post-surgical recovery you can see a humongous difference in your condition.


Yes, physical therapy is not only important for healing injuries and illnesses, it also offers tremendous benefits to people who have undergone a surgery. And since it’s a non-invasive treatment approach it is preferred by a wide range of people across the world. The reason people opt for physical therapy is that it has no side-effects.

So, if you have also taken a surgical treatment recently, here is why you should opt for physical therapy services.

Your Therapist Consults Your Doctor

If it’s your doctor who has advised you to take physical therapy services for quick recovery from the surgery, then you should definitely follow their advice. Your failure to give importance to your doctor’s advice can put you in trouble.

Therefore, it’s better to consult a licensed as well as an experienced physical therapist as soon as possible. And the best part is that your therapist will consult your doctor before designing a treatment plan for you. They will try to understand more about your condition from your doctor.

They Focus on Reducing Your Pain

To ensure a quick recovery, your therapist focuses on subsiding your pain. And to achieve that goal they try to figure out the main source of the pain. They use a number of techniques such as massage, ice, and heat therapy, and electrical simulation etc., to reduce your pain. Techniques like massage therapy, help in strengthening the injured muscles, joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons etc. Yes, because massage therapy helps in enhancing circulation it, helps in supplying necessary nutrients to injured area, which finally accelerates the healing process.

Your Therapist Focus On Improving Your Flexibility

Muscle flexibility is utmost important for improving one’s mobility. After surgery, your muscles become very tight or inflexible which lead to pain when you try to perform physical movements. Therefore, improving muscle flexibility is very important for regaining your function.

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Your therapist includes quality exercises in your care plan to strengthen your muscles and to improve flexibility. Exercises are incorporated into your treatment plan based on the kind of surgery you have.

For example, if you have undergone a shoulder surgery, then they will include exercises that enhance the flexibility of your shoulder.

They may include exercises that are similar to exercises such as cross arm stretch, sleeper stretch, and pec stretch in your treatment plan. In short, they will include relevant flexibility exercises in your treatment plan to improve your condition.

For example, if you have undergone a spinal surgery, your therapist may include core strengthening exercises in your plan, to reduce the stress on your spine. Yes, sometimes weak abdominal muscles can put an enormous strain on your back, therefore it’s important to strengthen them and improve their flexibility.

Physical Therapy Strengthens The Healing Process

There is little doubt that Physical therapy strengthens the healing process.

That happens because it makes it easier for the patients to regain their strength and balance. Whether a person was struggling with a joint problem or any other problem for that matter, it’s the treatment technique that focuses on boosting their range of motion. For example, if you have a hip replacement, your physical therapist will not only focus on reducing your pain but will also concentrate on improving your flexibility.

They will work on your ability to walk, sit and lie down properly. The main function of seeking physical therapy for post-surgical recovery is to improve your function, and believe it or not, most patients achieve that easily.

According to Lonoke Physical Therapy, “When you walk, run and move, your hip and knee work together to allow you to move fluidly and accurately. When one of these joints and the associated muscle groups that make them move are not working properly, pain can occur in different parts of the leg. Hip pain can leave you with very limited movement and make walking painful.”

 It Improves Your Overall Fitness

Physical therapy is one of its kind treatment approach that focuses on strengthening the overall physical fitness of a person. So, when you seek physical therapy services for post-surgical recovery, you not only retain your function within a short span of time but also see a vast difference in your overall fitness level.

Yes, the kind of exercises that are included in your fitness plan not only mitigate your pain, they also strengthen your muscles, which has a huge impact on your fitness level.

Return To Your Normal Life Becomes Easier

Yes, when you come out of the operation theatre for the first time, you feel as if you can’t live a normal life again. However, the good thing is that it’s not true. You can live the life you want if you are ready to invest in physical therapy. What’s really incredible about physical therapy is that your, physical therapists work closely with you in every step of the recovery process.

They check your condition every day. In other words, they measure the changes in your physical fitness each day. And if in case, you are not making any progress, they will incorporate other important techniques in your treatment plan. Since they keep on monitoring your recovery process, if anything goes wrong, they make sure to fix it immediately. For example, if certain exercises are not working for you, they will look for other alternatives that can fulfill your requirements.

In short, a patient needs a lot of care, and a physical therapist doesn’t stay behind in offering that much-needed care to them. In addition to that, they motive a patient to perform exercises if they are unable to do that, which brings a world of difference in their attitude. You must have a positive attitude to achieve anything in life, and the same applies to when it comes to recovering from a surgical treatment.

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