The Science Behind Turmeric, The Golden Spice


Natural Spice have long been used by people for their versatile properties for centuries now. Among them, turmeric is an ingredient that has received immense popularity in alternate medicine, home medicine, scientific and culinary world in many cultures. Numerous researches have been conducted and the medicinal properties of turmeric on the workings of the skin, lungs, stomach and other parts of the body. Turmeric is a household spice with medicinal properties, which is safe and helps develop immunity and treatment. Therefore, it is beneficial to buy turmeric in NZ and have it on one’s shelves for use at all times.

Composition of Turmeric

Turmeric comes from a herbaceous, rhizomatous perennial plant called Curcuma longa, which belongs to the ginger family. Turmeric’s composition has a significant amount of volatile turmerone oil, curcuminoids and polyphenol curcumin. This organic chemical aids in the management of many medical conditions like arthritis, anxiety, hyperlipidemia, inflammatory and oxidative symptoms and metabolic syndrome. It is mainly used in many Asian cultures as an anti-inflammatory substance, antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial and antimutagenic medicinal herb. The polyphenol component present in it demonstrates activity at the cellular level and targets different cells signalling all the molecules. It propagates its health benefits.

Importance of Turmeric in Traditional Medicine

Turmeric has been considered an elixir herb in folk medicine for centuries now. According to Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medical practice, turmeric powder is used to relieve arthritis, dissolve gallstones, relieve gas, regulate menstruation, improve digestion, dispel worms and strengthen the overall energy of the body. It is also used as an antimicrobial agent to treat minor burns, cuts and bruises, and stimulate recovery. It is well-documented that turmeric powder is used to treat various respiratory conditions like allergies, bronchial hyperactivity and asthma. Turmeric is one among the main ingredients in skincare products like creams and sunscreens as it keeps harmful bacteria away and makes a face glow.

Research Done in Modern Medicine

Modern in vitro studies support the statement about the benefits of turmeric to the body. Consuming sufficient turmeric along with food Spice ensures abundant antioxidant levels in the body. Turmeric is observed to inhibit lipopolysaccharide-induced tumour necrosis factor exhibiting anti-inflammatory properties. Research also showed that turmeric inhibited bacteria like Bacillus cereus and Proteus mirabilis, which cause health issues in humans. Turmeric induces apoptosis of cancerous cells and inhibits cell proliferation which helps prevent cancer.

Many medicinal models have reported the activity of turmeric against the development of stomach cancer, skin cancer, oral cancer and breast cancer. Turmeric is proven to be effective against kidney, cardiac. And neuronal disorders, arthritis, wounds, and it is also helpful to fight depression. On the development side, consuming turmeric has shown to increase one’s overall health and help in weight gain as it acts as a digestive stimulant.

Efficacy and Safety of Turmeric Use

All the studies about turmeric conducted on humans or animals have not reported any safety issues up to date. There have been no reported toxic effects when used in low or high doses. In the United States, turmeric has been declared safe for use by the FDA and is used in butter, cheese, chips, cereals and other products. Turmeric oils that were ingested orally showed no side effects after three months.

The bottom line is that turmeric is an active spice with many scientifically proven health benefits when used regularly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy turmeric in NZ and consume a sprinkle dose everyday.

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