The Most Popular Sleeping Positions Of Couples And Its Meaning

popular sleeping positions

Sleeping is the main part of our lives and it makes us completely recharged, healthy, strong and ready for the next day. The couples sleeping positions convey different meanings regarding their relationships. We all are interested to know the kind of sleeping position we are having and to understand the meaning of sleeping positions. This article reveals the top ten sleeping positions of couples and its meaning.

  1. Liberty Position

Liberty sleeping Position

In this liberty position you are sleeping back to back without any contact. This position says you have a desire to be independent. Studies show that the couples who are actually used this kind of sleeping position are very close with each other. Liberty position sleeping does not mean that they are at the edge of separation. The couples use liberty position may be because of kicks, moves or hot. Sometimes it enables you to sleep without any interruptions and can sleep more soundly. This position means that they are deeply connected but are independent enough to sleep like this. It is very common position for considering a lot of married ones and more than 25% of couples use this position to get a comfortable sleep. Find sometime in the morning and at the night to snuggle up strengthen your relationship.

  1. Shingles Position

Shingles sleeping position

Shingles sleeping position symbolizes confidence and self assurance. When you put your head on your partners arm or chest, the partner says “I have the power and I’m using it to protect you,” says Patti wood, a body language expert. This position is also known as romantic position. This position is very common among the newly married couples and those who have just finished a big fight. Only a small percent of couples use this position to sleep.

  1. Spooning Position

Spooning sleeping position

Spooning position is common at the beginning of the relationship where you spoons your partner. If the male spoons female, it means that the male has his own authority and needs to protect his better half through showing off the alpha gentleman security. This position is quite usual for the most part, but it will change after a while to something more comfortable for both. More than 12% of couple use this kind of sleeping position because it is the most traditional position of all.

  1. Cherish Position

cherish sleeping position

The cherish position is comfortable much like the liberty or cradle position. But the only difference is that the couples are somehow touching their back. This position basically means that the couple enjoys the much relaxed position with each other and they have intimate relationship also. This cherish position is very common among the new relationships. More than 15 % of people prefer this cherish position to enjoy a sound sleep. This position also means that you’re a confident couple that values your own space.

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