The Most Intelligent Celebrities In Hollywood

Kate is an intelligent actor

Whichever your chosen profession may be, you cannot underestimate the role intelligence plays in your making or breaking in the particular line of profession. The same is applicable to the so called celebrities who are greeted with effusive praise for the characters they play. Based on the standard figures used for measuring Intelligence Quotient, it turns out that all most of the widely admired celebrities are pretty intelligent. It is worth noting that we are here using the Terman and Wechsler’s IQ classification to determine the intelligence of your favourite celebrities.

Intelligence Not A Coincidence For Kate Beckinsale

Hollywood actress Kate beckinsale

Intelligence may not be the first quality when you think of Kate Beckinsale who became renowned for playing Sara Thomas in Serendipity. Going by the IQ meter, Kate Beckinsale scores a thumping 152 with a very superior intelligence status. The figures more than invalidate those who have had doubts about her intellectual attributes.

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Steve, Exceedingly Intelligent For A Comedian

Steve martin is a hollywood actor

There appears to be consensus among in public over the lack of intellect of comedians. The emphatic 142 IQ scored by Steve Martin (very superior) destroys the patronizing public conception about a typical comedian’s intelligence. The writer turned actor Steve Martin has acted in plenty of movies including Three Amigos and Bowfinger that more than establish him as a versatile actor who cannot be pigeonholed into comedy-centric actor.

Natalie Portman Gifted With Looks And Brains

Hollywood actress Natalie portman

The exuberantly lively Natalie Portman possesses 140 IQ and is classified in the very superior category. Actress, who has excelled in diverse range roles, has rarely given her fans anything to ponder over her intelligence. After all, Natalie played a rebelliously non-conformist young woman in V for Vendetta alongside Hugo weaving. Therefore, yes the revelations about her super intelligent identity does not come as a shocker to many.

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Ashton, Not Run-Of-The-Mill Good-Looking Guy

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher

The 37 year old guy, who was catapulted into the world of entertainment by playing Michael Kelso in 1998, Ashton Kutcher is perhaps known worldwide for his MTV series Punked. As per the IQ ratings Aston scores an astonishing 160 which puts him in the Genius or Near Genius Category. Not too big a surprise for a diehard Ashton Kutcher fan that has been closely monitoring the famous actor throughout his artistic endeavours. It would be hardly surprising to see Ashton venturing outside his comfort zone and taking up even bigger challenging roles.

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David Duchovny Is Not Just About Humour

Hollywood actor David Duchovny

The American actor aged 54, is notorious for his inextinguishable wit and satirical roles in the sphere of both movie and drama. It remains to be seen how many of his fans take David Duchovny as an intelligent guy. Because presumably, the news of David Duchovny being listed in the very superior category with a score 140 IQ is going to unsettle general conceptions of his fans. The famous, Californication star, seems to have no weakness in his acting repertoire. Now having passed the ‘intelligence checker test’ with minimum effort, David Duchovny has got pretty much nothing to prove to anyone.

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