The History of Flyer Distribution

Distribution of flyers is an effective marketing method that you can find out there in the world. Even though we are living in a world that is heavily impacted by digital transformation, it is still possible to see how numerous businesses are taking advantage of flyer distribution. Your business can think about doing the same because of its ability to deliver outstanding results in the long run.

While moving forward with flyer distribution, you will also come across the need to get a better understanding of the history of it. From this article, we will try to share some quick facts about the history of flyer distribution. You can go through the facts and see how flyer distribution has evolved throughout the past until it comes to the state that we can see as of now.

Flyer distribution before printing ages

Flyerbox says that the history of flyer distribution goes all the way back beyond the printing ages as well. Back in the dark ages and middle ages, you can find evidence to see how flyer distribution had been present. In fact, people have been carrying out messages with hand. In addition to that, they have also got the help of scribes.

Back in the day, scribes lived in monasteries. They were provided with the responsibility of copying the texts and scripts. In fact, most of the books during those days were owned by monasteries as well. These books were written on papyrus, clay, and wax surfaces.

Flyers in the era of printing

When printing was invented, people were able to take the way how they use flyers to a whole new level. The very first printing press was invented by a German inventor back in the late 1430s. This printing press mastered all the different stages of the printing process as well. In fact, it was equipped with a movable printing machine. The upper class didn’t like this concept at all back in the time. That’s because they believed that written books are associated with luxury and printed books are in a position to take away that luxury. Due to the same reason, printed materials became quite popular among people in the lower class.

The popularity of printing increased along with time. As a result, it was able to become one of the most effective methods to spread information across different audiences within a short period of time. Apart from speed, people were also able to cut down the expenses associated with printing through these new technologies as well.

It was politicians who noticed how printing technology can be used to get the attention of the public with minimum hassle. As a result, they went ahead with flyer printing. By this time, printing technology was available for everyone as well. Politicians moved forward with flyer printing, which provided the opportunity to advance their causes with minimum hassle. Along with that, people started printing flyers to get attention to religious and social causes as well.

How flyers evolved with time

Flyers were able to play a prominent role during the time of the British civil war. In fact, both sides started using flyer printing in order to rally the troops. Along with that, it was also possible for them to use the flyers in order to undermine the enemies as well. There was a massive movement conducted with the objective of abolishing the slave trade at all times. Along with that, there has been a movement to protect the rights of women as well.

All these rallies were heavily supported by the flyers that were printed. In fact, flyer printing was able to contribute heavily towards the success of these movements back in the day. Along with that, people were able to get a better understanding of the importance of flyer distribution. This is the same reason that motivated them to start using flyers for the Second World War as well.

We were able to see how flyer printing evolved at a rapid pace after the Second World War. In fact, people started using brightly designed and sleek prints to promote the services and goods. This is where the business owners got to know about the importance of flyer printing. It didn’t take a long time period for them to incorporate flyer printing to their marketing campaigns and end up with positive results.

By 1970s, almost all the businesses were keen to invest their money in leaflet printing. That’s because the businesses knew that it is an effective method available to promote the products or services that they sell under the business with minimum hassle. That’s how flyer printing evolved up to the state that we can see as of now. Even if we are living in a digital world, we will be able to see how the momentum associated with flyer printing is moving forward.

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