The future of computer network and its services

Efficient and affordable computer network services are primary factors for digitalization and have become as vital as air and water for any business. Understanding the importance of this factor is of critical importance as we enter the era of advancement with the combination of advanced technologies like AI, the Internet of Things, Distributed computing, etc.

Computer network services are really essential for an organization to make the most out of the computer machines. Many companies do not invest much on their IT side; they avoid hiring a permanent or on service IT expert like chief information officer. There are only a few companies that hire employees to look after their computer network services.

As with the advancement in technology, hardware and software are becoming more complex. That is why the tasks of network management have also become complex. Every business seems to be interested to know what more advancement does this computer networking holds.

Evolution of Cloud Computing

The new ways of computing have become quite possible because of the evolution of the internet. The trend of “cloud computing” is making waves all over the networking environment. Many companies are still utilizing a large amount of disk space and processing power. The main idea behind cloud computing is to minimize the number of computers in a network in the form of thin client computers. A thin client computer is similar to the traditional pc as it has the same processor, but it has no disk space and less memory. Thus, these computers are much cheaper and easy to install. Rather than storing the data, applications and programs in the computer’s local hard disk, the thin client computer simply downloads the apps and programs from the server into the RAM. With the implementation of cloud computing, the economy will increase. Centralization is also promised with the implementation of cloud computing. Since all the data will be stored on a few servers and any modification of update needs by software will be done to one server and al the connected computers will automatically be updated.

The Distributed Computing

There will be apps which will need new computer network services capabilities to reduce the amount of data that needs communication. These computing approaches will provide low latency and will have improved security and robustness. Shortly the compute units are going to be embedded inside the storage fabric or the memory. The seamless integration of specialized computers and storage hardware will benefit the network platform. With the implementation of distributed computing, the network will be able to support developers with transparent and efficient programming models.

Micro Service Architecture

These are small modules within the software applications. Currently, the developers are using the small modules, but they are within the same framework, if you start in java, you’ll end up at java only. In this type of framework, if you want to modify a small section, you need to build an entirely new section rather than updating it in the same section. The implementation of MicroService architecture will also be beneficial for experts like chief information officer.

Complex Computer Network Services

A research conducted by Cisco estimates that there will be approx 27 billion connected devices by 2021. The network, which is already too complex, will be more complex in the near future. Companies have already started taking steps to minimize the complexity of the network. The computer network services for businesses will become more crucial.

It has been predicted that by 2025, all computers will become thin client computers in one way or the other. What we need to see in the future is that the current computer network services and internet infrastructure that includes cables, wires, phone lines, and other networking devices will have how much reliability, speed, and capacity to support computer networking.

For the installation of the serves in the future, companies might need professional services of server administrators. This is the era of outsourcing, and hiring full-time employees for the network and server management will not be sufficient. You can hire an external agency to outsource your computer network services rather than establishing a complete IT setup.  These companies provide experts who handle all the networking with excellent efficiency and skills. These experts can perform tasks like monitoring the servers remotely, diagnosing problems, optimization, upgrading, tuning, security, and many other technical tasks. You can get completely assured data safety and secured system in a small fee as compared to the pay of hiring a full time IT employee. Thus, the trend of outsourcing your IT needs is gradually increasing in the future.

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