The Best Way to Improve the Antenna Signal at Home

If you are living in a rural area, of course, advanced technology is not readily available, yet you cannot look away from having a good time watching TV. Many people like to have antenna installation in their house, but there are times when you do not get the proper signal. 

If you have a lousy signal while watching the best part of your favorite show, then this would ruin your good time. In this article, you will provide you with some tips and tricks you can try to enhance your antenna signal and avoid pixelation permanently. All you must do is follow these six tips on how to improve antenna signal so that you do have to worry at all.


Re-aim Your Antenna


If your antenna installation consists of uni or multidirectional antenna, keep this mind, none of it will make any difference if you have not done proper signaling toward transmission tower. The moment your TV is suffering from poor reception, it means there must be some problem with the antenna. All you have to do is an easy fix is to redirect your antenna in the right direction.


You will be glad to know; there are apps in smartphones that will help you locate a transmission tower near your area so that you can do readjusting as per need. When you find the location, you have to rearrange your antenna to that particular direction, but it might take a few tries and error to find the perfect spot. 


Go high


If you search on the internet, you will come across various signal finder tools on TV Fool, Antenna Web, or other similar websites. In these sites, you will find the estimated height of your antenna: the higher the antenna, the better the reception. You will notice why outdoor antennas pick up so many channels, all because of the height.


Test different antenna placements

Antenna installation if done inappropriately, then you will get reception at all no matter how hard you try. As we have mentioned in one of the tips on how to aim your antenna signal, you can try out a few areas in your home. The moment you find the right spot, do not forget to run a scan on your TV, you will notice some channels popping up. In case if you have a flat antenna, try to tape it with adhesive tape to place the antenna while scanning temporarily.


Reset Your Digital Tuner

Much of the problems can be fixed if you reset your digital tuner. This device converts your incoming signal into a digital format on your TV. The thing is many broadcasters change their metadata which can interfere with your tuner’s ability to understand the signal. Your digital tuner may be using this outdated data, which is why incorrect channel information pops up. Follow these steps to reset a tuner quickly:

  • Disconnect the coaxial cable
  • Unplug converter box and TV
  • Connect to all channels
  • Run a scan on your TV
  • Reconnect all connections
  • One more channel scan

These steps will fix many of the issues in no time.


Only having antenna installation is not enough if you do not know how to boost the signal. In this article, we have provided you with some of the best tricks for boosting your signal. These tips will ensure that you do not have to waste much time looking for solutions. Just keep in mind, these factors we have mentioned and watch your television with no interruption.

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