The Benefits of Crash Doors

Call them what you will – impact resistant doors or crash doors – the important thing is that these industrial doors are a must-have for any business. They are convenient for use in high-traffic areas, providing quick access for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Readily available from Strip Curtains Direct, PVC crash doors also provide heat conservation, while minimizing noise pollution and providing safe and durable operation that has been designed to withstand the demands of an industrial environment.

To find out more about what the main benefits of these crash doors are, keep on reading, as we have highlighted their top three features in more detail below.

Improving Hygiene Measures

Improving hygiene levels in commercial spaces has never been more critical than it is now with all facilities facing far stricter measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an incredibly important consideration in commercial facilities that handle food items or pharmaceutical goods. In these instances, it is imperative that premises can be easily cleaned and regularly disinfected, to minimize the risk of contamination and inhibit any bacterial growth.

Crash doors are not only relevant to hygiene but also an excellent way to implement an additional hygiene measure in a facility because of their design and construction. Made from non-biological materials, the door creates a hostile environment for bacteria and mold. In contrast, its water-resistant nature makes it easy to disinfect without compromising its structural integrity regularly.

Durable and Reliable

First and foremost, any industrial door must be durable; otherwise, it becomes an inefficient investment. Considering that they are called crash doors, this is no less true for crash doors as they have to be durable enough to withstand heavy use. They must also be able to handle the kind of impact with heavy equipment that often occurs in commercial spaces.

Made from GRP – fiberglass reinforced plastic material – crash doors are designed with additional bumpers that prevent any damage to the door from forklifts, cages, and any other equipment that would otherwise damage it when passing through the door opening.

Optimizes Traffic Flow

Pedestrian and vehicle traffic is exceptionally high in commercial environments, and any addition to space that can help to optimize this traffic is a worthy business investment. Crash doors achieve this through their push plates and kick plates which facilitates the quick and easy operation of the doors, allowing traffic to pass through without creating a queue.

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