The Awesome Benefits of The Pocket hand sanitizer spray

Now we can use Covid-19 disease by washing hands regularly especially with soap and water for 20 seconds. We should wash the hands after going to the bathroom, after coughing and before eating, sneezing or blowing the nose. But, if soap and water are not present then you can wash the hands and prevent disease by using a sanitizer with at least 75% of alcohol.

You can use sanitizer and get its maximum benefit by rubbing it on hand especially in-between your fingers. You should rub the sanitizer on the backside of your hands as well. Do not rinse and wipe the sanitizer before it gets dry. Moreover, if your hands are greasy or much dirty then firstly wash them with soap and then apply sanitizer. You can use pocket hand sanitizer spray or bottles as well.

How Sanitizers Work?

Basically, hand sanitizers are used to wash the hands especially when you do not have any soap and water. They are alcohol-based and in a gel form that can kill the germs present on the skin. This alcohol can kill the virus and bacteria effectively and quickly. As alcohol can make the skin dry, so many brands like Indus valley also mix moisturizers with these sanitizers just to avoid any irritation and dryness.

What are the Benefits of Pocket Hand Sanitizer Spray?

The major benefit of the sanitizers is that they can kill the germs from the skin; you can place a small amount on your hand or palm and rub it over the entire palm including nailbeds. By doing so you can get the following benefits for your skin protection:

  1. The pocket hand sanitizer spray is portable and easy to use, so you can carry them along with you at anytime
  2. Several researchers have proved that the risk of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases is decreased if sanitizers are being used by the people
  • Commercially prepared hand sanitizer can reduce the dryness of skin and also the irritation that usually increased after washing the hands
  1. If the sanitizer spray is being used by the class students then it can reduce their illness by 20 percent. However, most kids take it as fun to use sanitizer to clean their hands.
  2. By using enough quantity of the spray you can remain germ-free for quite longer rather than just washing the hands by soap

However, there are many other benefits as well of the hand sanitizers we have listed only a few of them.

Sanitizer Limitations

All sanitizers do not have equal benefits and you should check their ingredients before buying them. The alcohol present in the sanitizer may be ethanol, ethyl alcohol, or isopropanol. For any type of alcohol just make sure that the concentration of alcohol must be in-between 60 and 95 percent.

Sanitizers can never be replaced by soap and water. But at the same time, they can make your hands more protective if used properly. The habit of using sanitizer can avoid any virus or germ infection and therefore can decrease the chance of illness.


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