The Amazing Benefits of Exploring SAFe Training and Certification


The Amazing Benefits of Exploring SAFe Training and Certification

The six words that can stop growth in our lives and in the business world: “We’ve always done it this way.”

You’ve heard it and you’ve said it. When you say it about your family’s traditional holiday meal, that isn’t a big deal.

But when businesses say it about how they do business, that usually begins their decline. Business leaders understand this and they are wanting their companies to grow more agile and flexible.

You can help them do that by providing SAFe training to their companies. This can help them grow a better business and it can help you have a more successful and fulfilling career.

What SAFe Is

SAFe stands for Scaled Agile Framework. This is a framework that helps businesses become more agile and gives them the ability to adapt to changes in the market quickly.

No business needs to be agile more than enterprise-level software companies. The software market is in a constant state of growth and change.

Companies that don’t grow and change with the market will get left behind, so many of those companies want to develop agile strategies.

This has affected both small and large companies and many of them are seeking training in agile development.

SAFe is the most popular framework for company agility and companies are looking for people who are certified in training.

Why SAFe Training?

The buzzword of agility is out among companies and many companies have tried to implement their own agile framework implementation without training.  This did not go well for them.

The paradigm that companies work in is hard to see from the inside and they are recognizing that they need someone from the outside to help them.

The companies that have implemented their own agility system were not able to look openly and honestly at themselves because they are in the old system.

This mindset kept them from being able to fully embrace the SAFe framework.  They tried to just add new ideas to their old framework of ideas.

An outsider who comes in to train the company can ask tough questions and help them to think outside their normal patterns.

This is why many companies are seeking SAFe certified trainers to come in from the outside and look at their culture honestly and openly.

Your ability to be seen as an expert is important if you are going to help a company implement the SAFe system.

As companies seek training in the system, they want experts to come and teach them this business model.

Benefits of SAFe to the Company

The SAFe framework is also an agile framework that grows as it is implemented and used.  The framework was recently updated from version 5.0 to version 5.1.

SAFe allows each organization to adapt no matter what area their business services. This helps the framework to be current and customizable for every company whether large or small.

The overview of the latest SAFe framework benefits the company by focusing on 7 core competencies:

  1. Agile Product Development – The customer is the center of all product development and focus.
  2. Enterprise Solution Delivery – Focus on creating and lean supply chain that is flexible and able to evolve with changes.
  3. Lean Portfolio Management – Create alignment within the organization with an emphasis on decentralized decision-making.
  4. Organizational Agility – Create a culture of lean thinking among the teams so the entire organization can be flexible to needed changes.
  5. Continuous Learning Culture – Create and encourage a learning culture for everyone within the organization.  The focus is fixed on the continuous improvement of the business and the individuals.
  6. Lean-Agile Leadership – By focusing on core principles, the leadership lives out the principles by how they work and not just by their words.
  7. Team and Technical Agility – Create a culture of teams that are made up of different individuals to get the strength of different views and competencies.

As you can see, if a company works to implement all of these frameworks, they will grow in their capacity and their profit. This is why the SAFe framework is one of the most popular for teaching agility to businesses.

Benefits of SAFe Certification for You

When you become SAFe certified, you will not only know the entire SAFe system, but you will learn how to help businesses implement them the right way.

When a business tries to implement agility on their own, they often just try to add a few new ideas to their old system.

This doesn’t work and it frustrates everyone involved.

When you come in as a certified trainer, you are able to help them avoid some of the common failures that happen when companies try to implement the framework on their own.

You will be able to help them carve out the new roles and environments that must exist in the SAFe framework.

You will be able to lead them into the framework with fewer problems and with more success.

The SAFe framework is also growing internationally. This means that there are companies around the world looking for authentic SAFe training.

Your opportunities to travel and help companies in all locations could open up not only financial gain but a new appreciation of other countries and cultures.

There is also the opportunity for repeat business.  As the framework expands and evolves, companies will be more likely to have you back to help them learn the new changes and implement them into their business.

This repeat business can be a steady source of income for you as you develop your own business.

Making an Impact

Your opportunity to make an impact on the software business and the people within them could come through being a certified SAFe trainer.

The freedom and satisfaction of making an impact could be only one SAFe training course away.

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