How is Technology Revamping the Animation Industry


Technology is making waves in almost all the industries that one can possibly think of. Whether it be banking, medical or the animation industry. And the ways in which technology is bringing changes and innovations to the industries is commendable. In fact, the animation industry has experienced a great evolution. Thanks to technology. Availability of Frontier Internet service and the like make it convenient to access online games even when on the go. However, animation does not only mean games. This is a common misconception.

Here are all the ways in which technology is revamping the animation industry.

Digital Imagery and the Physical World

Fans of digital imagery would know just how creative and exciting this form of animation is. The good news is that with the advancement in technology, digital imagery is not confined to the screens only. In fact, it has taken over the physical world as well. Howk? Thanks to AR, VR as well as holograms, individuals can now enjoy digital imagery, as it is a part of the physical world. Adding more to the excitement.

Globally Distributed Workforce

The idea of the global distribution of work is not new at all. However, when it comes to the animation industry, it is still a very young development. This involves outsourcing to other people who might or might not be freelancers. Or you can outsource to other renowned companies. However, animation for a certain game or movie involves collaborative work. Cloud helped to solve this issue. Because individuals can now share their ideas or their piece of work over the cloud. Others can have a look and the team can proceed accordingly. In the animation industry, it is important to collaborate before taking a step forward. The absence of cloud made outsourcing a mere dream in the world of animation. Here we are talking about outsourcing to different people in distinct parts of the world.

Animation Powered Apps

The app developers have started understanding the importance of animation as well. It is for this reason that app developers make use of animation in their apps instead of text or static images. To make the apps’ interface more interesting and attention-grabbing, app developers make use of functional animation. For example, app developers are now incorporating animations in navigational elements. Not only this but in the content area as well, the developers are now making use of visual feedback. The animators do so by making use of 2D animations. They are as cool and amazing as the 3D ones. And give the app a rather interesting look.

New Entrants in the Industry

Until some time ago, it was not that easy for companies or individuals to enter the world of animation. However, it is now becoming a very popular and sought after field amongst the young ones. The latest trends and technology advancements are lowering all the barriers that ever existed in this industry.

Demand’s Up- Thanks to the New Digital Platforms

The new digital platforms have increased the demand for animations as well. There was a time when hardly anyone was aware of what this industry was all about. The platforms where the animation was made use of a very limited number as well. People did not opt for this field. However, things are quite the opposite now. Individuals opt for this field and thrive to excel in it.

All thanks to the outburst of new outlets on not just cable but online avenues as well. All these platforms are opening new gates for the animators. They are also increasing the demand for this form of art because all these online and cable channels need to entertain the audience. And they have to do so via different mediums and ways. Thanks to platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix, there is an audience for every possible genre there exists in the world. The cable TV service providers have done the same. In fact, there are shows and channels dedicated to nothing but animations. Anime, for instance.

The use of animations is becoming so popular that I believe that platforms like Frontier Customer support service will start incorporating them too. You know, at times when you try to contact the company through their website, that is the time that I am referring to. Whatever the case may be, animated cartoons, movies, and games remain undefeated and bring in millions of revenues for the creators.


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