Swim Bag Checklist: Everything You Need to Take Your Child Swimming

Taking the kids swimming can be a big task, whether you are heading to the pool or are perhaps lucky enough to live near a beach. Much like having a well-stocked nappy bag, a carefully packed swim bag should have everything you need, without being too bulky or heavy. If your child has just started swimming lessons, or they are now at an age where you are taking them swimming yourself, there are several different items you’ll need to make sure that you include when packing a swim bag for your child.

Swimming Nappies

If your child is still young enough to require nappies, then the first item that you pack in their swim bag should be a couple of pairs of swimming nappies. Unlike regular nappies, these won’t expand in the water and are just as easy to put on and take off as regular nappies. Alongside these, you should also pack a regular nappy so that you can change your child into a dry pair once you are finished swimming.


Small children and babies get cold in water far more quickly than us grownups do so it is a good idea to have them wear something more than just their swimming nappy. If you are headed to your local pool, a swimsuit should suffice as the water here is usually heated to a balmy temperature. Are you heading to the beach or a lake? If so you, you should look at getting your child a wetsuit to help them combat the colder water temperature. While you’re it, don’t forget to pack your own swimsuit too! Unless you’re taking your child to swimming lessons, you’ll need to make sure that you have your own suit also packed so that you can get in the pool too.



Common sense dictates that if you’re heading anywhere near water with your little one, you’ll need at least a couple of towels at hand. Of course, getting small children dry is easier said than done so if you want to cut down on the number of towels you have to pack, you should consider investing in a children’s poncho towel, like the ones sold by booicore.  These are especially handing if you are swimming outdoors and need to get your child warm and dry quickly, to avoid them catching a cold.

Drinks and Snacks

Swimming is a tiring activity at any age, and after all, that splashing about and kicking around in the water your little one will likely require a nutritious snack and a drink to give them some energy. You don’t have to pack the entire cupboard, just make sure that you have a couple of small yogurt pots and bananas as these are both excellent and healthy ways to give your child a boost when they are tired out from swimming.

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