Stop Doing These 6 Daily Activities To Prevent Lower Back Pain

Back pain can be caused due to several activities such as lifting heavy objects, poor sitting posture, performing wrong exercises or any major accident. Experiencing back pain is the most annoying and irritating pain that could make our life uneasy. Sometimes you might feel normal back pain and because of not taking proper prevention you can make it worse. While it is also possible that you feel back pain and you even don’t know how you got that.


But what if we say you can easily prevent yourself from lower back pain by ignoring several daily routine activities? Yes, normally back pain is caused due to things we do in our normal day to day life. So here we’re to prevent you from lower back pain by ignoring several daily activities. Let’s find out.


Here are 6 daily activities that you should perform properly to elevate lower back pain


  • Driving Long Distance


Have you remembered the last time you drove your vehicle for a long journey and ended in acute and chronic back pain? If yes then we are sure it is due to poor posturing. Whether you spend an hour of your day or half of the day driving, you will experience lower back pain because of poor posturing. But don’t worry, here are some proper posturing tips that will help you in elevating the lower back pain.


  • When you’re driving always sit straight
  • Go and buy driver pillow to get better comfortability
  • Apart from this, you can also go for vehicles that contain effective measures to prevent you from lower back pain.


  • Poor Sleeping Positions


If you’re a stomach sleeper then lower back pain can easily enter into your life. While sleeping it is very important for us to check our sleeping position perfectly to ignore back pain and other conditions. Most commonly back pains are caused due to poor positioning of the spine while you are sleeping.


So next time when you feel a lower back problem in the morning then it is due to poor posture sleeping. To prevent this type of back pain, make sure you use a pillow under your knees and ignore stomach sleeping.


  • Brushing the teeth and Shaving


You might think that brushing the teeth and shaving is a normal activity but a slight wrong movement can lead you towards lower back pain. While brushing your teeth, if you slightly bend over you’re the sink and continue this position for 2-3 minutes then this can lead you to back pain. In both cases, whether shaving or brushing the teeth, bending over the mirror for a long time can lead you to back pain.


So, next time when you shave or brush, make sure you avoid bending and stand straight to avoid back pain.


  • Walking is a bad idea


We all know that walking is good for health and improves our overall lifestyle, but when you’re suffering from lower back pain then walking can make your conditions worse. It’s better to rest and relax while you’re suffering from back pain rather than going for a walk. And if you want to walk then make sure you walk correctly by the right techniques in mind.


  • Opting for Non-Contact Sports


Non-contact sports include tennis and golf, which are known to be a significant cause for back pain. Golf requires the movement of your upper body while resting your lower body and this will be the common reason for injuries and strains in the muscles and joints.


In the same way, when you play tennis, you require a lot of power that you accumulate from the lower body muscles such as the back, hips, and legs. This might cause you lower back pain and other body muscle injuries. So, make sure you take proper precautions while playing such sports.


  • Sitting for long hours on your office desk


For our office work, we used to sit for long hours at our office desk in the same position. This monotonous routine and sitting at the same place for long hours can cause you lower back pain. If you don’t take any proper precaution to cure this problem then it can grow into a serious back problem.


Make sure you use a pillow for back support or also opt for a standing desk to prevent yourself from back pain injuries. Such small changes will not only improve your overall lifestyle but also offer you high productivity and better results


Wrapping Up


Back pain is a very common problem but you need to take immediate care to stop it from growing worse. The general causes for back pain are your normal day to day activities. We hope that the above discussed daily activities will help you in preventing your back pain efficiently. Make sure whatever activity you perform in your daily life, you keep the right posture and movement in mind to get better advantages.


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