Spicy Foods For Food Lovers In Monsoon Season

Spicy foods in monsoon season

Monsoon is the season where there are a lot of rains. The climate is cold and the tongue needs some hot and spicy recipes. There are different recipes which are made in different regions. Herbs and spices make the food tasty and flavoured. The part of the day is also considered for preparing the recipe. If it is in the morning then the recipe is breakfast. The lunch has the main course and some side dishes, but that is also made a little spicy to match with the weather. Sometimes even sweet dishes are made for making the body happy with the taste and flavor.

Morning, the breakfast goes on like common days. The main course also goes on well with some chatpata recipes. But when evening comes there is rain everywhere and no one can go outside. There are many recipes which can be made at home to match with the climate. People have tea or coffee in the evening time. For snacks, there are always some spicy recipes. Vegetarians have some cuisines and non-vegetarians also have some spicy cuisines. Simple cuisines also give a great taste to the tongue during monsoon times. Some of the cuisines are:

Vada Pav

Vada pav a monsoon food

The bread, especially for vada pav is served here. Potatoes cooked and mashed and spices added makes it really mouth watering. This is placed in between the bread sliced. Spicy chutney is served with this.

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Dabeli a monsoon food

This is a crispy snack. During monsoon, this snack is very special in tea time. There is potato mixture wherein sev and onions are added together giving the fresh smell. Coriander smell gives the special fresh smell in monsoon.


Samosa a monsoon food

Many people like a samosa with chutney or tomato sauce. The filling of the samosa is commonly spicy potatoes. The outer layer of the samosa is sold these days in the shops.

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Kachori a monsoon food

These are just like samosa, but they can even by baked. The filling may have some urad dhal stuffing. The spices of the filling give the smell of kachori.

Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri a common monsoon food

Using bhel with onions, chilies, coriander, carrot and some cooked peas makes the monsoon evening spicy. This dish is filling and spicy also. Children or elders like this dish.

Soji Ka Halwa

Suji halwa in a cup

Soji is mixed with milk and sugar to a certain consistency. This is very aromatic and sweet to eat. The people who have sweet tooth really like this dish.

Chicken Pakoda

Tasty chicken pacoda in plate

People who like to have some non-veg dish with tea can make chicken pakoda. The chicken piece which is boneless is dipped in a spicy batter to make pakoda.

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Finger Chips

Finger chips with sauce

Potato is liked by people in different ways. Potato is cut into long cubical pieces. This is deep fried to give a crispy coating. They can be served hot with tomato ketchup.

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Bread Sandwich

Monsoon food bread sandwich

Carrot playa is made which contains onions, chilies and coriander. This may be mixed with mashed potatoes. The bread is baked and the carrot is spread on it. This can be easily made at home though it is available in bakeries.

People, like to have snacks of their own taste. These cuisines may be from any region, but it has to be liked by the person consuming it.

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