Signs Indicating That a Tree is Weak or Dying

The tree in your yard has stood the test of time for decades. Everything comes to an end. The tree you played around as a kid will also succumb to the forces of age. A tree that is likely to die can also cause damage to your property. You may think that the huge and sturdy tree in your house can stand tall for a few years. However, you may be wrong. Trees become weak due to age or diseases. When you have an old tree in your house, you must be aware of the signs indicating that the tree is most likely to fall.    

A tree can fall over because of many reasons. These reasons include age, flooding, construction damage, poor soil condition, malnutrition, insect infestation and more. Though it is not possible to tell exactly when a tree will fall, there are some warning signs. Ignoring these signs may lead to a “too late” situation. You should call licensed tree removal in Sacramento.  

Warning Signs 

Dead Branches

The tree has dead branches with no leaves. If these branches are falling, the tree is also likely to fall. This tells a lot about the current health of the tree. 


  • The tree does self-pruning by shedding branches so that only healthy branches get nutrients. 
  • The tree tries to reduce its size. Dead branches also attract insects. These insects can attack healthy branches as well. This is another reason why the tree gets rid of dead branches. 


Call an arborist if you see dead branches falling. If recommended, hire insured tree removal in Sacramento. 

A Hole or Cavity in the Trunk  

When the tree is trying self-pruning, you may also see cavity formation inside the trunk. A fallen branch leaves an open wound. This wound does not only lead to decay but also attract insects that can cause further damage. The tree is likely to collapse. The wound on a healthy tree will heal on its own. If there is enough solid wood around an isolated cavity, you don’t have to worry. Even when it is an isolated wound, you should call a professional to learn more about the health of the tree.  

Missing Bark or Deep Cracks on the Trunk

This is another sign indicating that the tree is dying or it is already dead. It has patches of missing bark. Call an arborist to examine the cracks and cankers or missing bark. These signs indicate that the tree is going to die. Take those deep cracks seriously. Cracks weaken the trunk. This tree becomes a hazard. 

Tight V-shaped Branch Growth

Branches should grow at the right distance. A branch needs enough room for proper development. U-shape branch growth is strong union. On the other hand, V-shape branch growth is a weak union. In V-shape branch growth, the lack of space prevents the growth of bark. The bark is a protective skin that ensures water conservation and protects the tree from dangers like storms, diseases, insects, attacks by animals and temperature extremes. So, weak bark or no bark is not good for the health of the tree and an unhealthy tree can lead to a disaster. 

Leaves start falling during late fall or winter. This hibernation period is the right time to see if there is V-shape growth or U-shape growth. V-shape growth is not a good sign. 

Weak and Rotten Roots

You cannot see the root system of the tree. Therefore, weak and rotten roots are a little difficult to spot. However, this is the most reliable way to check the health of the tree. If roots are rotting, the tree is also rotting inside. Fungi and mushroom growth on the trunk or around the tree is a sign indicating that the tree is likely to die. Don’t ignore this sign and hire licensed tree removal in Sacramento

Now you are aware of the signs of a weak tree, make sure that you hire licensed and insured tree removal in Sacramento.

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