Show off your Elegance with These Earrings Tips

Every Indian girl starts wearing earrings right from when she is an infant or a few years old. Though piercing the ears is believed to be an important sacred practice in Hinduism, nowadays religion is no bar for getting the ears pierced. We can all agree that none of our favorite outfits, be it that sexy little Black dress or the dreamy wedding lehenga, would look as good as it does without the right pair of earrings. There is something about adding this little piece of jewelry that instantly uplifts your entire outfit. Here are some tips to show off your elegance with these earring tips.


Let’s start with the simple studs, though they are a literally like small little dots on your ear lobes, they instantly transform your face when you wear them. If it’s for everyday wear, textured gold studs, pearl studs and the majestic solitaire studs are both classy and chic. If the occasion calls for something heavier, intricately designed studs in gold or diamond with contrasting emerald, ruby or other precious stones make for the perfect accessory.

Ear Cuffs

A recent trend that takes the simple stud a level higher is the ear cuff. This piece of jewellery usually involves a stud that is worn in the front and a fan shaped cluster of studs/a large stud that is added from the back of the ear before you put in the post. For the days when you want to add a little pizazz to your super-stylish outfit, add these ear cuffs. A side braid pinned on one side above your ear to show off these super trendy earrings and also complete your look is the way to go.


Though these beautiful gold circular rings instantly give out a very retro vibe, you can rest assured hoops are always in. You can stick with the classic, thin Gold shape and take it up a size depending on how bold you want to go. Keep your hair in a low pony-tail and let these babies do all the talking. You can size it down for everyday wear, pick up with a pair with rubies, or emeralds or there’s nothing like the classic diamond hoops. If it’s to work, dial it down and wear textured gold or silver hoops. For a lunch date or a night out, you can go J-Lo on your hoops.

Drop Earrings

Every girl needs a pair of drop earrings in her jewellery box. The latest gold drop earrings designs will make you instantly reach for your wallet and buy a pair. Wearing a pair of gold ‘jhumkas’ with your outfit instantly adds a festive look to it. Though most gold drop earrings look great paired with Indian wear, jewellers are also veering toward contemporary designs and designs that can be worn with any outfit. If your earrings are heavy and intricate, keep the focus on these and maybe just add a slim necklace and a couple of bracelets to complete your look. If you want a pair of earrings that can be worn with both Indian and Western outfits look for slim, long gold earrings with a drop of diamond studs. Again depending on the length of these earrings you might want to skip the necklace and keep your hair in an up do. These are great for showing off those long, elegant necks and off shoulder necklines.

Statement Earrings

A statement earring as the name suggests is an expression in itself. To let these earrings do all the talking, pair it with a monochromatic or basic outfit and see how it instantly adds that oomph factor. Of course statement earrings are a must-have accessory for every Indian wedding but these are a great accessory to add to an outfit when you don’t have time to change and want to take and outfit from day to night.

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