Should I Remote Recruit During the Pandemic?

These unprecedented times are causing nothing but constant challenges for recruitment agencies and businesses alike. The uncertainty over the foreseeable future is leaving companies in the dark and it can be difficult to decide whether or not it is worth remote recruiting to benefit your company – let’s take a look at some advice given to us via Agile Recruit regarding remote recruiting.

What is Remote Recruiting?

The term remote recruiting can be broken down into the two words alone – the first word being remote. Generally speaking, if you hire remote workers then they tend to work outside of the company or office only. These people can often be mistaken for telecommuting employees but this is not the case as telecommuting employees are often required to make trips into the office sometimes. On the other hand, remote workers are never required to come into the office and can even be working for the business from hundreds of miles away.

The second part of the term is recruiting. This part is referencing the action of seeking and identifying potential employees to hire for a business. However, remote recruiters tend to put their focus into emerging markets where there is availability for skilled people. Rather than the HR department of a business looking online for emerging talent, an agency can instead remote recruit for them and therefore identify screen, and perform the testing parts of the process.

Understandably, the current pandemic is making businesses decide whether they should use remote recruiting or not. Some reasons why companies may hire remotely are as follows:


Although some companies will sometimes reimburse travel expenses for a potential candidate, this isn’t what always happens.  Luckily, if companies decide to opt for remote interviewing then the entire interview process will be lowered drastically – there will be no need for any travel costs at all if the interviews are undergone using video calls or other online software. The introduction of Zoom and other online communication platforms has provided businesses with a great way to save money during the pandemic, and potentially even in the future.


One massive benefit of remote recruiting is the sheer amount of time both a company and a potential employee can save. It can be a real kick in the teeth if you wait a long time to have an interview that you think is going to go well, only for there or to be a cancellation or for it to go drastically wrong. It can be much easier for both parties to schedule a video call into their calendar than it would be to schedule in an interview that you must travel to. With remote recruiting, an interview could take place during a lunch break or in an hour of the day which is otherwise an extremely busy day. Another benefit for the interviewee is that they probably won’t have to take time off, thus being more flexible and being able to attend any possible additional interviews in the future.

Potential Barriers

Although remote recruiting will be of great benefit during the pandemic as seen above, it is important to recognize that remote recruiting could bring some restrictions. Although technology is advancing and video calling is becoming a great platform, it can be hard to get a well-rounded picture of someone as opposed to via a face-to-face interview. When you meet someone in person at an interview, the initial handshake, body gestures, and facial expressions go a long way to understanding someone’s mannerisms and whether they would make a great candidate or not. Unfortunately, it is these little traits that can make all the difference but cannot always be seen through a video call.

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