Shopping for a Wedding Dress- What you need to know

Every bride wants to look amazing on her wedding day and selecting the right dress is essential. Whether you are looking for a traditional gown or an unconventional style, a dress that showcases your unique beauty and suits you is the best choice.

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It is normal for most women to feel overwhelmed when picking out a wedding dress. With the abundance of styles and prices, finding the perfect dress can seem like a daunting task. Similar to other aspects of your wedding, finding the right dress requires patience, considering your individual limits and preference and careful planning to ensure that you get a special wedding dress that will make you look breathtaking.

Choosing the Fit

One of the key aspect of a wedding dress is the perfect fit. Figure out the fit that you want before you start shopping. A-line fits are worthwhile choices for both apple and pear shapes.

A-Line Dresses

An A-line dress typically features a gently flared skirt and fitted bodice. This works well for many body types as well as individuals who do not want their lower body to have a tight fit. Decorative elements such as beading and sashes around the waist help to accentuate the waistline.

Supportive Dresses

For a large bust, a supportive dress is ideal as the fit ensures that the top is secured. Consider dresses that consist of elements like built-in-corsets that enhance the shape and prevent wardrobe malfunctions o the big day.

Empire Dresses

Empire wedding dresses are cinched beneath the bust and are flattering on any body type with the flowing bottom. They are good options for brides who do not want tight-fitting gowns.

Vertical Detailing

Vertical components like embellishments, paneling and plunging necklines have a flattering effect on petite bodies as they accentuate the curves.

Flared and Sheath Dresses

Leaner and taller brides can highlight their physique with a flared or sheath dress.

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Knowing your Body Type

There are various opinions regarding the dresses that look best on certain body types. While they offer useful guidance, you also need to ensure that you choose a fit that you actually like and are comfortable with. Considering your favorite feature, for example, is one of the ways to determine the best cut that can accentuate it.

Dress Styles

There are different resources for finding out more about dress styles. Bridal magazines provide a good way to get insight into the types of dresses that are available. The internet also provides a great resource with numerous sites that feature wedding dress galleries and enabling users to search for the dresses they prefer.

Characteristics of Dresses

  • Along with being aware of the kind of fit you want, there are other factors that determine the perfect wedding dress.
  • Other elements that are essential for narrowing down the style of dress you need include the neckline, fitted or flowing dresses and the color of the dress, the length of the dress and the amount of detail you prefer for your dress.
  • Deciding what you want your dress to look like is mainly influenced by personal style and preference.


Consider your financial situation in terms of your overall wedding budget. Figure out the portion of your budget that can accommodate your wedding attire before shopping.


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